What You Can Expect With Steel Window Restoration: Your Top Questions Answered


Window Restoration

There are many reasons why more property owners are choosing to restore their structures’ steel windows rather than having them replaced, and it goes beyond the aesthetics. In the past, many property owners chose to have their steel windows replaced entirely with a different material, such as aluminum, because steel windows were not seen as energy efficient. But window technology has changed, and even older steel windows can be made more efficient while they are being restored. If you think of having your property’s older steel windows restored, what can you expect with it? Here, your top questions are answered.

Would It Be More Feasible To Replace Rather Than Restore?

As mentioned, there are various aesthetic advantages to having original steel windows restored rather than replaced. One of which is that restoration can be a better fit and match for a property’s original details. This is especially true if a property is historical and its windows are a defining element of its entire architecture – then it’s better to have the windows restored rather than replaced. If steel windows are replaced, the building can lose its original appeal and character. It is also more practical to restore steel windows than have them replaced completely. The alloys used for older steel windows demonstrate better corrosion resistance than the alloys used for fabricating new windows.

If your buildings do not add more value to the structure, you may consider a replacement rather than refurbishment or restoration. The same is true if the windows are already significantly deteriorated and restoration is not economically or physically feasible.

How Does The Process Work?

If you are unsure whether to replace or restore your steel windows, it would be best to have an expert look at them and assess them, such as professionals in metal window restoration and Crittall replacement. They can assess the damage and repair needed for the windows and tell you how the process will go about.

For instance, surface rust will always look worse than it is. Unless there is severe or serious corrosion which has already resulted in the material’s loss of integrity and strength and the loss of its sash and frame members, a restoration project will usually be more economical and successful than a complete replacement.

The experts will also examine the condition of the windows to determine whether or not the restoration can be done on-site or the windows will have to be removed and taken to the shop. They will also develop a comprehensive and thorough numbering system for each window to identify parts they may have to disassemble. The process also includes an entire window survey (along with photographs) to determine the extent and types of issues found per window.

Addressing Issues

In most cases, corrosion is the enemy of older steel windows, and the corrosion level will determine what kind of repair or refurbishment the specialists need to do. Most window repair projects involve a combination of minor and moderate corrosion along with serious corrosion. Each situation can be dealt with methods that include the removal of paint, the inspection and replacement of all fasteners, hinges, latches, hold-opens, and other kinds of hardware, the replacement of missing or broken glass, and the application of a paint finish as well as possible upgrades to the thermal insulation.

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