What You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether you constantly vacuum your carpet or try as much as possible to prevent spillage or stains, cleaning your carpet regularly is something that must be done.

Carpets add comfort and warmth to any indoor area, and ensuring regular cleaning is one of the surest ways to maintain them in the best condition. Getting professional cleaning services for your carpet is vital in maintaining the quality and texture of your carpet while getting rid of stubborn stains and spills.

The carpet cleaning service that you will hire will determine the overall look of the carpet. It is essential to seek credible carpet cleaning services that will reduce the risk of damage to your carpet and use the right chemicals and products.

When searching for a credible carpet cleaning service, ensure the company does not offer middle man services that outsource cleaning to other professional cleaners. This way, you can know the exact cleaning methods that will be done and determine whether you are comfortable with it, as not all methods work for different carpets.

It is also best to compare the pricing specifications of different carpet cleaning services before settling on one. This ensures you get a good deal based on your carpet’s specifications. Most carpet cleaning services can issue a quote online given the exact measurements and specifications of the carpet, as most cleaning services usually charge by the square foot.

The high prices of carpet cleaning do not signify quality jobs. Therefore, it is best to check for credible carpet cleaning services reviews to check out the word on the street and ascertain that they are competent in their job before settling.

The average cost of carpet cleaning is around $30 to $100, depending on the size of the carpet. Intensive services and larger carpets can fetch up to $300. However, most companies offer discounts and promotions depending on the size of the carpet and the number of rooms available.

Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are various types of cleaning methods used by different companies:

  • Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the most common practices over the years due to its extensive cleaning effect on an extremely dirty carpet. The process involves immersing the carpet in a foam bath to clean any stains and dirt residues. However, big carpets take longer to dry and become sticky due to the huge amounts of foam previously used in cleaning.

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Often known as steam cleaning, this process involves high-pressurized hot water or steam on the carpet to dissolve any visible stains and dirt. A suitable cleaning agent is first brushed on the carpet and later rinsed off using hot pressurized water. The carpet is then left to dry with the aid of HVAC systems that take a minimum of five hours to be completely dry.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

Bonneting is common in hotels and commercial buildings as it involves cleaning the carpet without much moisture to facilitate a fast drying process due to heavy people traffic. The cleaning is done with a heavy-duty motor machine that glides swiftly on the carpet’s surface, collecting dirt and debris. This method is great for large areas but requires constant cleaning as the dirt accumulated at the bottom of the carpet needs to be removed as well.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

Being one of the recent technological advancements in carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning comprises of applying a dry cleaning powder on the carpet, which is absorbed into the carpet fibres and acts as microsponges to absorb dirt. This powder is applied by using a motorized cleaning machine which creates a rotating effect, effectively distributing the powder to all corners of the carpet.

  • Encapsulation

This process is also moisture-free and used for carpets that are not heavily soiled. Synthetic foam detergents are applied on the carpet, which makes loose dirt particles encapsulate into powder form after drying. This is after that cleaned by vacuuming, leaving the carpet free of particles and debris.

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning Service

There are several benefits of hiring a carpet cleaning service:

  • New Technology And Product Use

The competitive landscape in carpet cleaning services ensures that new and modern technology is used to clean your carpet. The new technology comes with the best cleaning materials and products designed to make your carpet last fresher for longer, factoring in the type of texture, fibre, and thickness of the carpet.

  • Time-Saving

Choosing a carpet cleaning service is one of the surest ways to move away from the tedious job of cleaning it at home. The services are timely and convenient and designed to suit a lot of clients.

  • Allergens And Bacteria

Carpets are prone to dust and allergens, which may affect the overall health of the inhabitants if left for long periods without a proper wash. Therefore, cleaning services seek to prevent dust build-up and remove harmful pollutants to the best of their knowledge. Professionals are generally better at sanitizing as they have the technical know-how on extensive carpet cleaning.

  • Odor Elimination

No one likes a musty carpet. Therefore, professional cleaners will do good in removing unpleasant odors. Cleaning the carpet indoors rarely gets rid of the lingering odors, and professional knowledge is necessary to get rid of the musty smell, especially when pets are involved.

Things To Consider

Carpet cleaning services employ eco-friendly methods in carpet cleaning, which consider the sustainability option of the chemicals and detergents they use. These products also help in minimizing the waste of water and embrace the use of harmless pollutants and chemicals.

Some companies offer a cleanliness guarantee to their clients that require them to do a repeat job if the client is unsatisfied. This shows their willingness to do a good job and their dedication to delivering the best.

It is essential to communicate to the cleaning service the type of stains on the carpet and what caused them. This helps them to determine the best possible cleaning method that will ensure a thorough and complete job.

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