What You Need To Know About The Kamikoto Knives


Kamikoto Kitchen Knives

With a lot of new knives coming into the market, it can be difficult to choose the best ones to use in your kitchen. But the knives which many people have fallen in love with are Kamikoto knives. These high-end knives are made of high-quality Niigata steel. Niigata, which is in Japan, is known for its 800 years of knife-making history, and their blacksmiths utilize a secret combination of metals to manufacture the sharpest and strongest knives you can ever come across. Below is what you need to know about Kamikoto knives:

What Are Kamikoto Knives?

Kamikoto High End Knives

Some of the things that make Kamikoto knives stand out are that they are well-balanced and weighted. These knives are also heavier than most of the other types of knives. With their slender blades, the knives have a precision feel without being fragile.

The manufacturers of these knives claim that they heat the steel to 1050°C, a process that takes up to three hours, and then they anneal it at 200°C for about two hours. This process is done to strengthen the steel and reduce the blade’s flexibility. As a result, the knives maintain their edge for a long time.

Knives that have harder steel usually have a sharp edge, which is important when using them in the kitchen. You can use such types of edge for various activities, including slicing vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces. But you need to hand-wash Kamikoto knives and dried immediately.

Simply put, these knives should be handled with care so that they can maintain their edge. Thankfully, Kamikoto takes a long time for you to sharpen them, meaning you have peace of mind knowing that they maintain their edge for quite long. If you see that they have lost their edge, you can sharpen and hone the knives whenever the need arises.

Handles Of Kamikoto Knives

Kamikoto Steel Knife

A handle of a knife is an important feature as it can determine its ease of use. Kamikoto handles are made up of the durable G-10, which is a glass fiber that is incorporated to make them tough and resistant to water. Because this material is used when manufacturing handles, it means they cannot be damaged due to dampness. They have a resin coating to make sure that the handles are rust-resistant. Even better, the handles don’t oxidize, chip, shrink, soften, or become brittle while using them.

Kamikoto Knives

If you’re looking to purchase Kamikoto knives, it’s easy to identify them. You see, their handles have an ergonomic shape, which is wider at the top and the bottom tapers thinner. Everything about these handles is high-quality with no rough edges, allowing you to get a good and solid grip.

As if this is not enough, Kamikoto knives feature a half-bolster to allow you to sharpen and utilize the whole length of the blade. Such a bolster enables the knives to be strong, durable, and gives the right counterbalance. The bolster of these knives also tapers gently to give your fingers enough grip around the bolster.

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