What You Need to Know Before Buying an In-Ground Pool


Custom Luxury Swimming Pool

I’m sure you all stare longingly at large bodies of water when it’s so hot outside, and you can’t cool off, I know I do. If you live hundreds of miles from the ocean or swimming lake, you have probably considered having a swimming pool built in your garden, and I, for one, think it’s a great idea, and I will be extremely jealous if you do it. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, then you might want to read this first.


Before you get to the designing stage, when you talk to a pool builder, you’re going to need to think about a few things first.

  • Design – You’re going to want to do some homework on the latest trends in swimming pool design so that you know the type you want when it comes to speaking to your pool builder.
  • Cost – Building a pool isn’t a cheap endeavor, especially not for a good one. Once you’ve settled on a design, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how much the whole build is going to cost you. You also need to bear in mind the costs of keeping the pool running for years, which, although not massive, is still money that you might need on something else.
  • Area – An important factor to think about is where you live and the weather in your county or state. If you live in Texas, then it makes sense to have a pool, and anyway, a lot of homes for sale in Austin come with a pool already, so you could always just move house to one with a pool (don’t do that, I was joking). If you live in New York State, it might not be the best idea, but it depends; you’ll just have to get used to only using your pool in certain months (unless you get an indoor, heated one)

Pool Type

Custom Pool Builder

There are three main types of pool, and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with these three types and the pros and cons of each one. You’ll also need to understand the likely cost of them all. Below are the three types, and here is where you can find out the information on them all.

  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

The Pool Builder

Custom Luxury Swimming Pool Builder

As with any type of builder, you have to make sure that they are honorable and have your best interests in mind. It’s so easy to be conned by so-called ‘cowboy builders,’ so interview more than one and always ask for references, which you must follow up. If a builder doesn’t give references, then you better run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.


Custom Luxury Swimming Pool Builder

Once you’ve designed your pool, there are still things you need to think about.

  • The Environment – Pools aren’t always energy efficient, so make sure you have the pump and lights on a timer, a pool cover, and if it’s heated, turn that off during the winter months, if you’re not to be using it. Pools used to be a massive blight on the environment; however, the industry has come a long way in a few short years, and the impact is far less than it used to be. HomeImprovementFox has an awesome selection of solar pool covers that are worth checking out.
  • Home Insurance – You will need to let your insurance company know, just in case the pool changes your policy. You won’t want to find this out, then you make a claim and find you aren’t covered for something because of the pool.

That’s it. Make sure you find a good builder, and you’ll be in safe hands and having pool parties in no time.

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