What You Should Ask Before Using Engineered Timber Flooring?


When you are looking for perfect flooring which is stable, easy to maintain, seems beautiful, and durable, too, then engineered timber flooring is something that you must always consider to be a part of your home décor system. Even known as timber floating floors, these are the best thing that you can find for your house. It is called engineered because the flooring is made out of veneers of timber, which are glued together at an angle of 90 degrees to ensure optimal strength and stability. The top layer or the visible floor layer is called the finished layer, which is about 4mm thick and is crafted out of real timber like Blackbutt, merbau, spotted gum, brush box, and many more. There is another variant of such flooring where the core of the flooring is made with the help of plywood, hardwood, or HDF, and on the finishing layer of timber is placed on the top.

But, before installing timber flooring in your house, there are few specific questions that you must take into account. These questions will help you in finding the best one as per the necessities of your house.

Let’s Discover the Important Questions

Engineered Timber Flooring

There are four different questions that you should ask while purchasing engineered flooring made out of timber for your house, and these questions are as follows:-

Where Are You Going to Install The Flooring?

Engineered Timber Flooring

The location of installation plays a significant role in selecting the variant of timber flooring that you want to have at your house. Therefore, before choosing the appropriate flooring style first, you must be sure about the place of installation. For example, if you need to fit the flooring at your basement or the poolside deck, then you must go with those flooring that uses hardwoods like plywood or HDF in between them. This is important because such areas are prone to moisture, and when you use 100% engineered veneer timber flooring in such areas, then the humidity is going to eradicate the quality of the flooring.

What Materials Are Used In The Making of Subfloor?

Crystal Clear Floor Services

The engineered flooring made out of timber is often installed on the subfloor of your house, which is even called the sub-layer. Most of the sub-layers are made out of strong substances to give the flooring the endurance that it needs. The conventional materials amongst them are concrete, plywood, and particleboard. Now, if you have a concrete slab at your house, then you are pretty much limited with the type of engineered timber floor that you can use. As far as plywood is concerned, then such a sub-layer is suitable for every variant of an engineered timber floor. The same goes for particleboard too.

What Role Do My Living Habits Play?

Your living habits play a significant role in the selection of engineered timber flooring. Now, if pets often abuse your floor, kids, or any other reason, then you have to look for that variant of flooring, which is strong and durable at the same time. Here, you even have to take care of whether your floor will suffer from regular stains or not. In such cases, you can go with those flooring, which offers simple patterns that will allow the stains to submerge in the floors without giving it a dull look.

Should I Consider The Style of My Home?

Yes, absolutely! While choosing the appropriate flooring style for your house, you must never forget to include the style of your home as an integral factor. This helps you in selecting the best type of flooring for your house, which not only suits your taste but even goes well with the décor too.

Engineered Timber Flooring is the best to live in the fresh, secure surface. If you want to have engineered timber flooring in your home, then go online and check that timber floor constructing and installing agencies online. For sure, you will get the best support for the good looking floor of your home.

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