What Your Home’s Front Door Says About You

On June 16, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

Your front door has a large impact on the curb appeal of your home. It is a décor element that can reflect your personal design style, give visitors and anyone passing by a glimpse of your personality and enhance the overall aesthetics of the exterior of your home. Safety, durability and visual appearance are key elements to consider when choosing a front door.

Make a Statement with the Material You Choose

Wooden Front Door
When choosing a front door, you’ll want to select a material that complements your home’s architectural style. Steel, fiberglass or iron are good material choices for a modern or contemporary home. The design of these doors indicate that you are a person who appreciates simplistic elegance or sophistication. Wood doors exude warmth. Having a front door made of wood can reflect your love of nature and natural design elements. There are wood door designs to complement any exterior décor.

The Condition of Your Exterior Doors

Oak Front Door
A damaged exterior door or garage door adversely effects the curb appeal of your home. It also gives the impression that you are neglectful or a procrastinator. Professionals at a site like hungritedoor.com can assist you with garage door repair. A simple DIY project of cleaning, painting or replacing hardware on your exterior doors can assure that they are an attractive part of your outdoor décor.

The Color of Your Front Door

Colorful Front Door
The color of your front door can reveal a lot about your personality or your design style. It’s important that when choosing a unique color, you select one that complements your home. As with all design features, balance is the key to creating a visually appealing statement area or focal point. The style of door and the door hardware should marry well with your color choice.

The Size and Cost of Your Front Door

Front Door
The size of your front door, as well as the design and material, will influence the cost of the door. If you have a bold, vibrant personality and tend to freely invite people into your world, a wide front door or possibly a double door design might be just your style. If you have a more reserved personality, you might be more comfortable with a smaller front door. If flamboyant is a word your friends would use to describe your personality or lifestyle, you might want to invest a considerable amount of money into your front door. A door with intricate detailing might be the ideal way to showcase your flamboyant personality. If your budget is tight, you might want to shop around to find an attractive door that looks expensive but doesn’t break the budget. If frugality and simplicity are your style, those traits can show through in your choice of door style. Frugal and simple can be attractive and impressive.

First impressions are made before people enter your home. They assess your lifestyle and personality by your landscape design and exterior décor features such as your front door. Let your creativity and style guide you rather than following trends.

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