What’s The Best Way To Decorate Your Bathroom?


Sometimes, you just walk into a room in your home and find yourself not happy with it. Sometimes it’s obvious, like a color you don’t like or a piece of furniture which stands out from the rest of the room, and not in a good way. In a bathroom, this can be a bit more difficult to pin down, but you can still tell when a bathroom feels “ugly” or “dated.” Use some of the following tips to redecorate your bathroom and give it a new look. As a bonus, a bathroom is one of the most important rooms for helping sell your home, if you have property value on your mind.

Individual Improvements

If you’re debating on what you wish to do in terms of bathroom redecoration, one of the ways that you can make the biggest impact in one fell swoop is by changing up the lighting. It may be more direct than you think, with one study linking the lighting in a room or area with the mood that people feel. While this may not make you feel happier overnight, a lighting change can make your bathroom look larger and refreshed. Part of the reason is that bad lighting makes you look less attractive, with odd color hues and shadows. A good place to start is by changing the fixtures, but you can also see some positive results just by investing in new fluorescent bulbs. Another trick is to add sconces on the bathroom mirror to make the room look bigger.

For a lot of bathrooms, though, the issue isn’t the appearance of space, but the lack of space in actuality. For example, let’s talk about the common bathtub shower combination that you see in a lot of small bathrooms. In some cases, a third or more of the room can be taken up just by this setup. Not a lot of room to add some decorations, right? Not necessarily. One big opportunity you have to add a style to a room like this is with a shower curtain. Whether you’re going for an elegant look or a fun one for a child’s bathroom, you can say it all with a shower curtain.

Another smart thing you might want to do with your bathroom, especially smaller ones, is to be creative with your storage. Finding attractive boxes and trays to hold your various items is good for any room, but can be especially useful in a bathroom where it’s:

  1. More important to keep things organized.
  2. More likely to have a lot of smaller items (toiletries, etc.) that you can fit into storage containers.

Should I Do More?

Sweet Bathroom Design

In some cases, you may want to go to the next level and invest in plumbing help to make bigger changes to your bathroom, like a new tub or toilet. If you choose to go that route, make sure that you don’t try to save by going for the lowest bidder. According to Fix It Right Plumbing in Knox, “Lots of tradesmen out there do their best to under quote the competition to win work and keep themselves busy, and plumbers are no different. Shaving dollars off a quote at the start seems like a good idea. Everyone wants a deal, right?

But when this happens, you lose. A plumber, any plumber, will price a job based on what’s involved and what they “might” encounter when doing the job. When you get a reduced price, the plumber either has to work harder and faster to make up for the lost time or try to cut corners by using cheaper parts. This will always result in a substandard job and one that will not stand the test of time.” Ideally, if you’re choosing this route, you may want to try and parse out your project into different phases. Maybe start with that new toilet, then wait a little while before working on the walls or vanity, so you don’t risk overrunning your budget early.

While we’re mentioning a lot of individual tips and ideas here, the true “best way” to decorate your bathroom is a planned one. This means taking the time to think about visual changes and how they may play together before you choose to invest in them. In time, you’ll have a striking bathroom that’s a far cry from the dated room you had before.

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