When Should You Replace Your Bed Mattress and Pillows?

On April 7, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Eight hours of sleep is sometimes a luxury especially to businessmen, office workers, mother, and such. Are there times when you feel like your bed mattress is no longer giving you the comfort that your body needs when you’re sleeping? That means that it already reached it’s “snooze-by date” and you already need to change it. You need to take note that we need to replace your mattresses every eight years.

When Should You Change It?

Bedroom DesignsYou might think of it as a marketing tactic but just so you know, this is reinforced by health experts as well. An aged, overused mattress is no longer very beneficial, after all, and this may lead or contribute to stiff neck, back pain, and trapped nerve every time you wake up in the morning.

Studies show that a comfortable mattress contributes to a good night’s sleep, and you know that’s indisputable. And as we know, bad sleeping practices may harm your short-term and long-term physical and mental health.

How Does It Affect Us?

Bed Sheets Covers
Given that mattresses can sometimes be ache-inducing, they can also be a hotbed for germs and bacteria. That’s basically undeniable due to human contact. Whether we like it or not, microbes and germs will really be transmitted to the comforters, bed sheets and pillows.

A common mistake we do most of the time is just focusing on what we see when it comes to cleaning such as pillows and bed sheets that we forget that the mattress itself, can be a hotbed for microorganisms as well. This situation is not advisable especially to people who have allergies, difficulty in breathing and skin allergies because it may cause them rhinitis.

How Often Do We Need To Change Pillows And Bedspreads?

Change Pillows And Bedspreads
Other experts say that we need to replace our bed linens and pillows every two years. Others also say we need to change them every six months. But we all know that most of us rarely change our pillows and purchase another one because it’s a bit pricey. Pillows that has already lost their shape and are no longer plump can cause you neck pain and of course poor sleep too. I’ve Chosen top pillows against neck pain that can transform your sleeping experience from unbearable to incredible.

How Can You Have A Healthy Dream Bedroom?

Healthy Dream Bedroom
Having a bedroom that you dreamt half of your life is definitely a dream come true. We have here a checklist that would help you a lot in achieving your dream bedroom that will not compromise your health:

  • Keep it ventilated and open the windows most of the time. This will stop the growth of molds in your bed mattress and your windows as well.
  • To make sure that your bed mattress is still fit to its purpose, which is to be comfortable and supportive, change it every after eight years.
  • Using mattress protector helps in reducing the amount of microbes that your mattress is absorbing. That’s quite beneficial because you can wash it, unlike your bed mattress.


Bedroom Interiors
This checklist will not ensure one hundred one percent germ-free bedroom and bed linens but this will definitely help you achieve your healthy dream bedroom. After all, cleaning the surface is not very helpful. There are things that we really need to change in order to have quality, comfort, and style all at the same time.

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