When To Re-Key Or Install New Locks


Professional Locksmiths

Resolving insecurity issues in a home involves reviewing the door locks. You may not know whether to re-key or install new locks since both are viable solutions. Professional, 24-hour locksmiths recommend weighing out both options to determine what works best.

Here’s a locksmith guide on when to re-key or install new locks and what both options entail.

What Re-Keying A Lock Entails

Re-keying is fast becoming popular as the perfect alternative to switching out locks. It involves changing the existing keys without removing the lock entirely.

Locks have specific components like key pins that make them compatible with a particular key. Professionals replace the lock’s key pins and install others that match with a new key. They will handle the whole process without breaking the lock.

Re-keying might sound complicated, but it is an easy process for a locksmith with field expertise. Trained professional locksmiths will handle the re-keying process with efficiency. One gets a new set of keys to their home in no time.

When To Re-Key

There are several instances when re-keying is ideal, including:

  • One loses their existing keys but doesn’t want to change the locks
  • A person wishes to restrict access to their home for another party that already owns the key
  • One wishes to have all their locks operated by a single key (if master-keying a home)

Re-keying is beneficial since it bolsters security in a home without being too costly. When working with a professional locksmith, the process has a quick turnaround, unlike replacing locks.

What Installing New Locks Entails

Getting new locks is the first idea that comes to most people’s minds after a security breach. This process simply involves switching out existing locks for a completely new lockset. Depending on the reasons for lock replacement, one can opt for the same old model or a completely different brand.

Installing new locks involves finding a custom-size plate or resizing the door hole. It might sound easy, but one wrong move when installing new locks can render them dysfunctional. People should entrust professional locksmiths to install new locks to enjoy the best results.

When To Install New Locks

Various factors determine the type of lock one gets, including their budget and brand preference. Checking a lock’s features and ensuring they coincide with the effect one is looking for security-wise can also help with the selection. A new lockset for a home bolsters security, meaning one should know when to install locks.

There are several situations when installing new locks is suitable, including:

  • Locks start malfunctioning due to age or physical damage. Worn-out lock parts mean there’s no point in re-keying; it’s best to replace the lock entirely.
  • One wants a master key system at their home. Having custom lock types will ensure all locks in a home are operable using the same key.
  • A person wishes to upgrade their home’s security features. New or digital locks have improved features, translating to better home security.
  • One wants their locks to complement their property’s aesthetics. Individuals that have just moved into a new home might find the existing locks distasteful. Installing new locks that are aesthetically pleasing may increase curb appeal.

Installing new locks has its perks, like supporting security upgrades and lock customization. The only drawback is that one might have to contend with higher costs, unlike re-keying.

Hire A Professional 24 Hour Locksmith

Whether one decides to re-key or installs a new lock, it’s always best to work with an expert. A professional 24-hour locksmith offers valuable recommendations on replacing locks or re-key. The range of services they offer contributes to top property safety and security.

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  1. Installing newer locks as a way to improve the technology of our home is really something I can see us needing to do soon. Since our house is so old, the outdated locks we have here could easily be picked and we might not be safe at all. I’ll go and ask a home lock expert to give us a hand with the kinds of installations we’ll need soon.



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