When Wildlife Isn’t Wild Enough: Preventing Unwelcomed Visitors To Your Home, Yard And Garden



It is nice to enjoy some wildlife out on a trek somewhere and to appreciate some animals in their natural environment, but there are limits as to what visitors you want to see in your own home and garden.

Professional services like New Orleans termite control are regularly called into action to sort out unwelcome visitors of all shapes and sizes. Still, there are certain things you can also do to try and prevent undesirable furry creatures or reptiles from visiting your home.

Problematic Neighbors

There are plenty of areas throughout the country where you will be living close to a wide variety of wildlife. While some of the encounters can be pleasurable, some are the polar opposite.

You can experience several frustrations and negative interactions with things like snakes, squirrels, bats, raccoons, and many more different species, all of which are capable of creating a disturbance or causing damage or even injury if they decide to visit your home.

Some of these potential dangers and damage can often be avoided using preventative measures to discourage an appearance in the first place.

Keeping Snakes Away

The chances of you being bitten by venomous snakes are quite slim, and you are probably more likely to be struck by lightning than bitten by a snake, although that is little comfort if you have one in your yard or home.

Snakes will rarely charge or chase after you, and they are more likely to crawl away from a confrontation. What you want to do to avoid encouraging them in the first place, is to avoid having a firewood stack, which is an attractive shelter for them, and any other sort of debris that could look inviting to a snake.

Structural Damage Caused by Woodpeckers

You are not going to be living in fear of being attacked by woodpeckers, but you should fear the sort of structural damage that they can cause to your property if allowed to do so.

Woodpeckers can peck holes in your home exterior, which is not only a noise nuisance; it can lead to some structural damage to your property.

If you spot a problem with woodpeckers or want to ensure that they keep away in the first place, hanging some mesh or nylon about three inches away from your siding, should prevent them from establishing a residence.

Rampaging Raccoons

Animals like raccoons and skunks, like nothing better than rampaging and rummaging through your garbage cans, and raccoons can also make a den in uncapped chimneys.

These animals are highly opportunistic and are well adapted to a modern urban environment. Invest in some metal garbage cans with weighted lids, so that they can’t gain easy access to your waste.

Keeping your trash secure and inaccessible to unwelcome visitors like raccoons is an easy but effective measure to employ, and should help to encourage them to look elsewhere for food.

Most animals and reptiles can be discouraged from targeting your home, and with some forms of wildlife, that is not a bad idea.

President of Fischer Environmental Services, Robert Kunst, has extensive knowledge of the pest industry. He spends many hours on community involvement, teaching a class in Integrated Pest Management at Louisiana State University, chairing committees, and being a member of many associations.

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