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If you have decided on an appropriate cat litter box to buy for your cat, then the next thing you need to do is find an appropriate place to keep the litter box. In this post, we will go over the different areas in your home that are suitable for cat litter boxes. Should you place the litter box in your bedroom, basement, or bathroom? This question needs a deep consideration so that the final area you place the litter box will work for you and the cat.

Basic Principles of locating a proper place for the litter box

  1. The Box Should Be Within Eyesight

Keeping the litter box within the eyesight of the cat owner is one of the basic principles of locating a proper place to keep a self-cleaning litter box. Keeping cats indoors means we have to take care of their toilets too, so the ideal place to place a cat litter is an area that is under the watchful eyes of the owner.

Resist the urge to place the box out of sight even if offensive odors are coming out from the litter box. You need to ensure that the box is in an area where you will be able to monitor its use.

  1. Place The Litter Away From Foodstuffs

Everything that is consumed by the cat and humans should be kept away from the cat litter box. Let’s face it; no one wants to eat in the toilet; either should take your cat. The faces from cats are a source of bacteria and harmful germs that can potentially harm humans and animals. Keep the litter box away from where the cat feeds, away from where humans feed, and away from drinking water and food storehouses.

  1. Keep The Litter Box Away From Play Areas And Sleeping Areas

This point eliminates placing the litter box in your bedroom. That’s a no-no. You don’t want offensive cat litter trouble the fresh air you need to rest well. A nesting area is a place where the cat plays, sleep, and generally, have fun. Do not place the cat litter in the next area of the cat, because it has the potential to make the cat sick.

  1. Choose A Quiet Location

Choosing a quiet location that doesn’t go against the three points listed above is the best way to place a self-cleaning cat litter. Check out this one and think of a place you feel might fit in your apartment. That you should pick a quiet location doesn’t mean that the cat needs some privacy. They don’t need any privacy like humans do when we have our bath or when we go to the toilet.

The context of a quiet location means that a place where the cat won’t be disturbed when it wants to use the litter. Consider all the elements and areas that are in your home and pick a spot that is the best fit for the litter and also offers some peace when in use.

  1. The Location You Pick Should Have An Escape Route

Cats are more prone to attack when they use the litter box. A simple look at the way feral cats look for an open place to dig and do their thing will give you an idea of what they prefer and how they try to mitigate the danger. Replicate the same idea when you find a place to keep your litter in the apartment. There are two things you need to keep in mind here, a line of sight and an escape route in the face of danger.

How the cat can utilize this will depend on the temperament of the cat and the potential interruptions in the house. If, for example, your cat is constantly been bullied by a kid in the house, he will be more confident to plan an escape on sighting the upcoming threat.

  1. Make Sure The Litter Box Is Always Accessible

Accessibility is an important factor to consider before you decide on a proper location for the cat litter. I can’t overemphasize how important it is to ensure that the litter box is at an accessible location. Don’t place the litter box behind a door that can be closed sometimes, or else the cat will find an alternative means of easing him or herself.

If you are dealing with an obese cat or a senior cat that finds it difficult to move around, you want to make sure that the location of the litter is readily accessible and in close proximity to the cat. While you are deciding on the best place to keep the litter also keeps it away from the watchful preying eyes of dogs. They don’t seem to get along often.

  1. Which Room Is Best For Cat Litter?

Your bedroom might be a thoughtful idea, but I would instead advise against it. The bedroom fits some of the criteria discussed above, like proximity to the watchful eye of the owner, and accessibility. But you will be forced to take it out because of the offensive odor from the litter, besides this can negatively affect your sleeping hours. A little space that is accessible and open to the cats will be a better idea.

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