Where To Save Or Splurge In A Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Depending on how often your family cooks, it can go through some wear and tear faster than other areas in your house. Over time, you may notice that your kitchen no longer works well for your household. Perhaps the fittings are outdated, the layout no longer makes for a smooth flow of kitchen work, and your kitchen doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing anymore.

With that, you may find yourself itching for a kitchen remodel. After all, your kitchen is a reflection of the homeowners. It’s always a dream to finally have a kitchen remodel and rekindle the excitement of preparing and cooking food for the entire family again. But, one of the reasons that hold many homeowners back from having one is the cost you have to spend for such a project. If you are unsure and careless with your renovation budget, it can spike, causing a big hole in your savings.

To balance out your kitchen remodel cost, you must know what facets of your kitchen remodel are worth splurging on and which ones you should be practical on.

Where To Splurge 

If you’re after a kitchen remodeling project and the budget isn’t a concern, you can spend your hard-earned money on the following:

  1. Cabinetry

Splurge on your cabinetry. Your cabinets don’t just have to look good, but they should also be strong enough to withstand whatever kitchen items they will house. Likewise, kitchen cabinets can be the most impactful items in a kitchen, given how it usually occupies a majority of the visual design and space of your kitchen.

Beautiful cabinets can elevate your kitchen while still being functional. Never cut corners here. Have them well-designed so you can maximize space and their purpose. So if your budget permits, go for reasonably priced cabinets.

  1. Countertop

At the very least, your kitchen countertop should be durable and waterproof. Otherwise, your countertops won’t be able to withstand all the slicing, food prep, and water exposure they’ll be exposed to. So, purchasing a high-quality countertop at a price is ideal because it can serve you for years and even decades. Splurging on good-quality ones is an investment in the long run as it helps you avoid buying new ones very often.

  1. Custom Kitchen Designs

Custom Kitchen Designs

This third one is something not many homeowners may think of going for. Some kitchen contractors may offer you pre-made kitchen designs to choose from. While there is nothing wrong with those, you may fail to consider that those designs may not be 100% what you want to have in a kitchen.

So, for your household to have the best use of your kitchen, a custom design is worth splurging on. Let the kitchen contractor visit your home and see the current state of your kitchen. Then, point out every single item you like and hate about it.

A custom kitchen design will cost you more, but you’ll be glad you weren’t stingy in this area. You’ll have a kitchen that’s truly and uniquely yours.

  1. Flooring

The flooring is a no-brainer. You have to splurge on this. If you fail in choosing the best materials, you’ll have your floors warped and destroyed in no time. Just think of all the heavy cooking and washing you have to do in your kitchen. Good-quality tiles for your kitchen floors or hardwood, for that matter, are always good choices. You will thank yourself for choosing high-quality flooring materials in the long run.

Where To Save

While there are specific areas in your kitchen that will require you to spend a reasonable amount of money, there are also ones that you can be practical on. Below are some examples:

  1. Cabinet Handles

You already splurged on the cabinets. As for the handles, you can take it easy with the expenses. Cabinet handles need not be expensive, as long as they’re installed well and match your whole interior.

If you take the time to search through various hardware stores, you can find more affordable cabinet handles that don’t look and function at their low price. Moreover, the trick to making them look expensive is ensuring all your cabinet handles and hardware match. Avoid plastic ones. Opt for brass or more durable materials for more class and elegance.

  1. Kitchen Backsplash

There are many affordable choices in the market for a kitchen backsplash if you would like to have one. Expensive tiles are beautiful, but they can eat up your budget quickly. To save, you can opt for other alternatives that look just as aesthetically pleasing.

There’s no need to go all out with a backsplash, as it’s not as impactful as your countertops are. It may even be covered by some small kitchen appliances you may choose to put on your countertops.

If you discuss this with your kitchen contractor, they can present you with more affordable options for your kitchen backsplash so you can cut corners on this. Laminates and wallpaper are well-loved choices.


The kitchen isn’t only the heart of the home, but it’s also one of those parts of your home that can affect its resale value. With that, you can rest easy that all expenses covered during the kitchen renovation will be worth it. However, this isn’t to say that you can go all out with your budget. Splurge on what’s worth spending on, and save on those where you can cut corners to cost without affecting the quality. Let the list above be your guide.

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