Which Are The Top Mains And Cartridge Well Water Filter Systems For Your Home?


Which Are The Top Mains And Cartridge Well Water Filter Systems For Your Home?

Filtered water not only tastes fantastic but it is also better for your skin and clothes, which is no surprise when you think about all the chemicals and pollutants that non-filtered water can contain.

If you are interested in trying a water filter system in your home, there are two styles to choose between – those where the filter is attached to the mains water supply and can deliver filtered water to any outlet in your property, and those systems which use a cartridge to filter the water. To see more stories on water filters & reviews, then check out Home Water Filter Reviews 2019.

There are lots of different models to choose from for both categories, so to help you out we have put together some information on the top choices for both mains and cartridge home water filter systems.

Top Choice For A Well Water Filter System

  • Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter

For a cost of around $140 this small, discreet system can tackle up to 60 nasties like chemicals, chlorine and heavy metals which contaminate water. It’s easy to install, fits neatly under the sink, and comes with a faucet for the kitchen. You don’t even have to remember when the filters need replacing as this system lets you know!

It is NSF certified so you can use it with confidence that your drinking water really has been cleaned up, and the clever selective filtration feature means that useful minerals are not removed from the water.

This model works by trapping the contaminants in any one of the three stages of filtering imposed, compared to the four or five stages many other systems need. The Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter water filter system also has a lower than average psi, so there’s less chance of damage or leaks.

Top Choice For A Cartridge Water Filter System

There are a few choices in this category, depending largely on what you want to especially target. Different brands favor different things in a cartridge, and not all are capable of cleaning your water if used alone. One of the best examples of a good cartridge water filter system is:

The Doulton Ultracarb Candle

This cartridge filter can remove pretty much all lead in the water, as well as other nasty things like mold, chlorine, dirt, algae and asbestos particles.

It’s super easy to change this cartridge, which is also a three-stage version. The first stage utilizes the ceramic to attract bacteria and fine particles, the second utilizes the built-in silver to stop more bacteria growing, and the third draws on the carbon block inside to remove chlorine and nasties like solvents.

Costing around $36, this self-sterilizing filter needs to be checked every couple of months and changed at least once a year. Any sediment build-up can easily be rinsed away from the outer filter section. It may need to be replaced more often if it subject to a lot of use but is still a great choice as the price makes this less painful than with other cartridge filters.

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