Which Mattress Is Better Between Saatva Or DreamCloud?


DreamCloud And Saatva Mattresses

A mattress is a vital investment for everyone. You cannot compromise the quality of your mattress and expect to have a quality sleep. Finding the right bed that offers guaranteed support and comfort affects your physical and mental state.

While there’s no universal mattress for everyone, it’s essential to have the best option for a premium quality mattress that provides value: comfort and convenience. Two names will surely ring the bell when searching for the best mattress today: DreamCloud and Saatva.

Both offer high-quality mattresses that feature coil layers and foam to strike an excellent balance of support and comfort for every type and group of sleepers. This dreamcloud and saatva mattress comparison will help you decide which mattress is a perfect fit. While both beds have a unique construction style and approach, there are standard features that make them a great buy that will match individual styles and needs.

DreamCloud and Saatva are two of the most well-known mattress manufacturers that offer outstanding support and comfort. However, these two mattresses effectively use these features differently in the right way that both provide luxurious feel at an affordable price.

Is Saatva Better Than Dreamcloud?

While DreamCloud and Saatva are two unique mattresses, they have something in common that can help you weigh your options when checking for a great bed.

  • Both beds combine coil and foam layers to offer sleepers a pleasant comfort and bounce support. DreamCloud is a hybrid bed layered with softer foams over pocketed coils. Saatva, on the other hand, is your traditional innerspring bed with separately wrapped coils to avoid the feeling of getting stuck in your bed.
  • While both beds are bouncy, they differ slightly in some ways. They both have pillow tops that offer an initially intimate and comfortable level.

Once you’ve understood both beds’ similarities, differentiating their unique traits enables you to figure out which mattress is made for who and which is better.

  • When it comes to providing the right support, Saatva mattresses provide vital support through its coil on coil structure. Dreamcloud tampers the bouncy feel with the top layers of delicate and gentle foams with single sections of inner loops.
  • When it comes to comfort level, DreamCloud and Saatva beds are bound to go different ways and help them establish their unique brands’ distinctive feels. Saatva offers quick pressure relief to your lumbar region. An ideal feature suitable for back sleepers.
  • The DreamCloud has three layers of body-contouring foam effect ideal for side sleepers to help eliminate pressure points at your shoulders and hips.

Saatva Mattress: Ideal For People Who

Saatva mattress is an excellent choice if you are looking for an antimicrobial allergy-resistant cover. Suppose you are looking for customizable features to meet your individual preferences and demands that offer exceptional edge support for all types of sleepers.

DreamCloud Mattress: Ideal For People Who

DreamCloud mattress is suitable for sleepers that want to have a luxurious feel with exceptional value. It’s made from multiple pressure-relieving foam layers that enhance motion control and thick foam that has cooling technology through gel-infused material and breathable cover to avoid overheating.

What To Look For In A Good Mattress

We all have that unique and individual preference when it comes to comfort and support. While for other sleepers, Saatva is a better choice, DreamCloud also offers a unique feature ideal for another sleep group. The trick is, both mattress stand out on their own. Both provide excellent support and comfort.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a mattress, but these factors will help you determine if Saatva or DreamCloud is for you.

  • Firmness level
  • Bounce and Sinkage
  • Motion transfer
  • Edge support


DreamCloud and Saatva offer a gentle hug with tons of bouncy feel and responsiveness. Each mattress offers a wide range of comfort, making each manufacturer ideal for combo sleepers and almost any sleeping position demands. Finally, since Saatva provides complete customization, it can be a notch higher in price compared to DreamCloud. Overall, both beds are best for individual style and preference.

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