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Roofing Sheets For The Roof. What Are The Best And Most Durable?

Choosing the right material for the roof is not easy: it must be durable and look aesthetically pleasing and match the facade. Why one of the most popular coverings is sheet metal? Because it is cheap, durable, and looks beautiful. In the past, they covered the roofs of churches, stores, and outbuildings. Now times have changed, and developers of private houses actively use aluminum and metal.

What To Pay Attention To Before Buying A Roofing Sheet?

Before you buy a roofing material from metal, Tornado Roofing & Contracting recommend you to consider a few points. First, the thickness of the sheet. Please take into account that the thicker the sheet, the stronger it is, but at the same time increases the weight of the roof.

Equally important to choose the right raw materials and then follow all the rules recommended by the manufacturer of roofing sheets. Otherwise, the roof will not serve you for many years, and rust and corrosion may occur. Choose the right roofing material for the style of your home.

Which Sheet Will Be The Most Durable?

Steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc alloy with titanium – these four metals are used to produce a roof from sheet metal. We will compare them with each other.

Roofing Coverings Of Steel

As mentioned above, steel is the most popular roofing material. All because it is the cheapest solution to cover the roof.

Today you can buy a flat, trapezoidal and rectangular metal sheets. To prevent rust on the roof, the steel is galvanized on both sides. The amount of zinc per 1 m2 should be about 350 g. In more expensive models, the sheet is coated with Al-Zn, i.e., zinc, aluminum, and silicon alloy, which is considered to be twice as good anti-corrosion protection.

Most steel sheets are also coated with an appropriate paint, which gives them an aesthetic look and additionally protects them from rust. Coatings with uncoated sheets are available on the market, but they are less durable.

Aluminum Roofing

Roofing aluminum has no metal disadvantages. It does not rust but is also durable. Aluminum sheets can have a smooth surface, and due to its lightness, this material can be made not only with traditional sheets but also roofing and tiles.

It is believed that the aluminum roof over time will replace the metal. Since its shelf life is many times longer (we will talk about this). Especially since the difference in price between them is small and an order of magnitude smaller than that of copper sheets.

Roofing With Copper

Copper roof – certainly the most expensive of all metal roofing materials. It has the same advantages, almost without disadvantages: copper is easily processed and resistant to corrosion due to its plasticity. Over time, it is covered with natural patina, which additionally protects the roof.

Copper roofing can also be covered with an artificial patina, that is, a passivation layer, which is applied during production, then the sheet acquires a brown or greenish turquoise tint.

In the manufacture of a roof of cold-rolled copper, it is acidified with phosphorus. It is made of flat sheets, slabs, and roof shells. It must be ensured that these coatings do not come into contact with ordinary aluminum, zinc, and steel.

Roofing Coatings Made Of Galvanized Titanium

During the zinc rolling process, with an admixture of titanium and a shade of copper and aluminum, an alloy of zinc and titanium is formed. It is an ideal combination that gets the most out of each element. Copper makes the sheet resistant to stretching, while titanium increases its strength.

Zinc and titanium sheets are industrially patinated or passivated, i.e., artificially aged, so that they can acquire a gray-blue or graphite color. Zinc and titanium are produced as flat tiles.

Zinc and titanium and copper sheets do not require any maintenance operations, except periodic cleaning.

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