Which Stair Type Best Suits Your Home


There are many different designs of stair cases available on the market, it is no longer necessary to choose one from your local hardware store and accept that it ‘does the job’. Whether you choose a bespoke design or a traditional look you can find the right staircase for your home, you simply need to know which type suits your home first.

You might find it advantageous to work with a firm which really understands stairs, such as activemetal.com.au.

The type you choose will usually depend on the age of the people in your home and how the stairs are use:

Straight Staircase

Straight Staircase
If you have children who like to run up and down stairs or find that you are often passing on the stairs, then the straight staircase is the best choice. There is limited ability to fall and enough room for people to pass comfortably.

These stairs require the most room in one long length but do not need to be exceptionally wide, making them perfect to go against the wall. You also have a valuable space underneath which can still be utilized.

The L or U

Traditional L Shaped Staircase
As the name suggests these staircases turn in an L shape or a U shape as they climb. They are exceptionally good when you are going up several floors and do not have much space to spare.

This type of stairs is also usually wide enough for two people and can be useful if you have a large number of people going up and down all day. It should be noted that this style does make it harder to move large objects up and down.


Spiral Staircase
This is perhaps the biggest fashion statement and the least practical type of stairs. Spiral staircases are usually made from metal with metal or wood treads. They are extremely compact and perfect when you have very little room, although they are generally only used when you wish to go up one floor at a time.

They are often ornate and can be a very attractive feature in your home.

The Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase
This is a staircase with a sweeping bottom, which then goes straight up, and allows you to move up again by going left or right is generally only seen in large country houses.

However, there is no reason why this type of stairs cannot be used in any home; obviously on a smaller scale. It will need to be positioned in the centre of your home so that there is a purpose to going left or right half way up the stairs. These should be wide enough to accommodate several people moving up and down them simultaneously.

Whichever type of stairs you choose you must be aware of who is living in your house and how easy they will find it to move up and down. No matter how good a staircase looks it does also need to be practical.

You can also add distinctive touches to the balustrades to ensure the stairs really make a statement in your home.

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