White Rooms Popped With Colors


You must feel there is some obsession with the white color with us. Indeed it is after all it’s a peaceful color and in such stressful life I believe we need some peace. Peace is important for peace of mind. And there is magic about white which helps you get relaxed and peaceful. But that d doesn’t mean you need to keep all things white. People who have white as their theme tend to get overboard with white. But we believe in keep the place filled with enigmatic colors as well. After all, life is beautiful and colors add the zing to home and life.

Interior Contemporary White Home With Black And Purple Interior Design

This article is how you can in your white space you can add pops of colors. Let your walls be all white, floors be white and furnishings be pale wood but with some beautiful tips you can make your white rooms popped with colors. In the background of white color the different hues will pop and look more beautiful and that is the whole theme of white rooms with colorful décor theme.

Modern White Interior Home Decoration Pictures

You can start with hanging colorful art, not the monochromatic art but colorful art wall hangings. On the white flooring you can throw down some bright color rugs and add on few well place pillows. This will create an airy, spacious and cheerful space.

Green White Bedroom Scheme

Make along green: If you want to feel close to nature you can add green color in your white theme. Green color rug, pillows, curtains, and vintage coffee table in the drawing room can make look contemporary as well as eco friendly.

Moroccan Wall Decals White Chairs White Candles Wooden Round Table Blue Candle Holders

Another thing that you can add to your room is the colorful candles. Trust me it will make the place look so romantic, serene and will add colors as well as aromatic candles can add soothing smell.

Colorful Flowers In Vase Placed On White Table With Blue Sofa View In Corner

You can keep a boho look with furnishings but on the side table or center table you can keep a vase with beautiful flowers in it. If you want real flowers great else you can get the artificial flowers. Colorful flowers make home look closer to nature as well as adds freshness to room.

White Interior Design

The eclectic mix of the contemporary and the modern furniture is also amazing. The white floorings and walls give you lots of space to be creative. You can have comfy seating, with the center table or side table as contemporary wood table. On the comfy sitting you can have decorative pillows and pink candelabra.

Beautiful White Yellow Interior Design

In bedroom you can have color plaid blankets and rugs well placed. Colors can be soft as it is a blanket. You can have striped pillows placed and daring cobalt blue upholstered chairs makes things so homey. Add some photos colorful or black or white or in different chromatic effects on the wall. This will look fabulous too.


  1. Thank you very much for the advice, the white light is a joy. To live in joy and peace of mind. I will make room in the white light …


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