Who Says Your Home Can’t be Secure AND Stylish?


Our minds tend to separate functional things from beautiful things, serious stuff from whimsical stuff. But the most astoundingly amazing results are likely achieved when we combine the useful with the esthetically gorgeous. The astute and creative combination of security and style at home is one such combination that is well worth the effort to achieve. Here are a few ideas to make your home stylishly secure.

Beautiful Burglar Proofing

Smart Home Security

Burglars don’t like to spend much time breaking into a house. If it takes more than 60 seconds, they are likely to change their minds. Since first-floor windows are one of their prime targets, these present an opportunity for stylish burglar-proofing. Installing beautifully crafted window bars with a floral pattern or a touch of color and perhaps a security gate to match can help you achieve both style and security.

Camouflaged Security Systems

Vivint Product Bundle

If your home doesn’t have a security system, you’re about three times more likely to have a break-in. It’s no wonder, then, that home security systems are more of a functional consideration than an aesthetic one. But you can style up your security system to make it part of your decor. Use picture frames and picture collages to help the hardware blend in or strategically arrange plants to cover up the security system. Conceal any wiring by painting it and placing a plant or other decorative object in front of it so it’s less visible, which benefits both aesthetics and security. Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has optics, intelligence, and deterrents to protect package deliveries and keep your porch safe.

Delicious Lighting

Delicious Lighting

Yes, lighting can be delicious, and it’s great for security, too. Naturally, you turn off your indoor lights when you go to sleep, but outside lighting can give your house a whole new ambiance. Lanterns and sconces enhance a beautiful outside wall, while ground lights and feature lights are great for highlighting a beautiful garden. As long as you’re lighting up your outdoor entryway, you can style it up, perhaps with a plant or flower box. Some bright, colorful flowers that grow well in pots are azaleas, chamomile, and chrysanthemums.

Dressed Up Windows

Dressed Up Windows

Dressing up your windows with curtains and blinds can completely transform a room. It also means potential burglars don’t get to see into your house and eye your stuff. Besides the privacy they provide, dressed up windows add color and style to a room and pull the decor together. You’re not done playing dress-up, though, until you’ve got the curtain rods and accessories!

You don’t have to compromise on style to incorporate security. Here’s to a stylish and secure home.

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