Who The Bedroom Is For And How It Needs To Function?


Modern Bedroom Design

With all of the choices available on the market, shopping for a bedroom set can be an intimidating task. But you can narrow your choices by focusing on a few major elements that will bring a feeling of relaxation while improving your lifestyle.

Let’s start with who is going to use the bedroom. If you’re designing your personal space, you don’t want to hold back. On the other hand, the bedroom is the one space where no one’s comfort matters but yours. So, feel free, to be honest about what you do there. You’ll then be able to find styles that match your style and functional needs.

Do you watch movies on your laptop before bed? If so, you need bed frames and nightstands with USB chargers. Do you watch television in bed? Then a dresser and tv stand combination is a great choice.

Guest rooms require you to consider the comfort and storage needs of your visitors. Is the room for short day trips or longer stays? Each calls for different storage options. Those only staying for a day or so can get by using the closet. But guests staying longer may need a dresser or storage bench for their belongings.

Once you know who the room is for and how it needs to function, it’s time to pick the pieces. Since the bed is the heart of the space, it’s best to start there. If space is small, you need practical storage. You can find a bed with two, four, or six drawers. Or you may want a high platform frame that allows you to place items underneath.

Next, you can decide if you need dressers. You can find a dresser-mirror combination or get a tall dresser and separate full-length mirror. Nightstands can pull the room together and balance out the look. If you use them for storage, then you should find one with shelves or drawers. If the piece is only there as a table lamp, you could opt for a more ornate design.

The right colors will convey the mood you want to set in the room. Darker colors have a cozy, warm feel. Pastels give off peaceful, tranquil energy. Soft blues can put you in a calm, dreamy state and work well with bold contrasting colors. Whatever you choose, the colors should be energizing and inject the start of the day with positivity.

So, what style of furniture will you choose? Will it be classical or modern? Glamorous or chic? How will you know the difference? You can pay the fees for an interior designer or contact one of the expert designers on staff via 1StopBedrooms.com. They will assist you with all of your questions and listen to your design needs for no extra fee.

Based on your information, they will guide you to the styles that best match your tastes. No matter your budget, you can find a financing option that works for you. So, visit 1Stop for free shipping on low-cost, high-quality bedroom sets.

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