Whom To Call For Water Heater Repairs?


If you have a problem with your water heater, you might be wondering who you should call to complete the repairs. Most people assume you will be calling a plumber because the problem is related to the water in your home. However, other people believe an electrician might be the best choice. You must know who to call and when you should call them.

Calling A Plumber

Water Heater Repairs

When you have any problems with your water heater, the first person you should think of calling is a plumber. Plumbers who are adequately trained and licensed will be able to handle all manner of issues with your water heater. This is because their training will cover the most common and the more complex problems that you can face.

Of course, when you look for a plumber to contact, you will need to ensure that they have the training to work with your water heater. This is particularly true if you have a gas water heater, as additional training will be required. The plumber will also need to have a gas safety certificate, which shows that they can work with gas. For great deals, you can check out: http://waterheaterrepairsantarosa.com

The problems which require the aid of a plumber will include strange noises that come from the water heater. If you have rusty colored water or low hot water pressure, you should also contact a plumber. Leaks from the water heater and when the gas pilot light will not stay lit are also problems that a plumber will be able to help.

Calling An Electrician


While a plumber can repair most problems with a water heater, there are times when you need to call an electrician instead. This will generally be when the water heater problems are affecting other parts of your home’s electrical system. Plumbers are not trained to handle these issues and will usually recommend calling an electrician.

Some problems need to be looked at by an electrician, such as the water heater continually tripping the circuit breaker. If your water heater has a blown or overheating fuse box, you will also need to call an electrician instead of a plumber. If there is any loose wiring within the water heater, you should also look at calling an electrician as they will be able to repair this.

If you are going to be calling an electrician, you need to ensure that they are trained to work on water heaters. You also need to ensure that they are appropriately licensed in your state as they need to maintain specific standards that you do not want to compromise.

If you are having problems with your water heater, you should generally call a plumber. They will be able to handle almost all the issues that you might have, but there are sometimes when you need to call an electrician. If the water heater is affecting the electrics in your home or there are loose wires in the water heater, an electrician will be the best choice.

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