Why A Ceiling Fan Benefits Your Home During The Summer


Ceiling Fan Benefits

Did you know that homeowners who use a ceiling fan during the summertime can save up to 40% on their air conditioning bill? Not only can ceiling fans add comfort and stylish touch to your home, but they also assist with lowering your cooling and heating costs. If you are considering installing a ceiling fan in a room (or multiple rooms) to assist with the summer heat, continue reading to learn about the benefits.

  • Lower The Indoor Temperature

Regardless of the size of your room, the height of your ceiling, or whether or not you have windows, you can expect the temperature in your space to drop by approximately 5 degrees when using a ceiling fan. This is a major benefit in the warm seasons for those who do not have an air conditioning unit or for those who are looking to make a room cooler alongside their running AC unit, which can then be turned down. This can provide savings in comparison to strictly using an AC unit at all times.

  • Spruce Up Your Interior Design 

Bedroom Fan

Not only are ceiling fans a great addition to your home for their cooling benefits, but they have also become a stylish way to decorate your space. Whether your home style is french country or mid-century modern, there is a ceiling fan option that is guaranteed to match your home’s aesthetic. Don’t just confine your breeze to the indoors either, and an outdoor fan can also add a pleasant touch to your outdoor patio or porch, creating a new refreshing area to relax on warm days.

  • Affordable To Operate

Ceiling fans are also extremely affordable to operate in comparison to purchasing an AC unit for your home. With their small cost, you are only destined to pay a few cents per day for a ceiling fan. With that being said, having a ceiling fan in each of your rooms would be a great option compared to an AC unit if you live in a climate without extreme heat.

  • Beneficial For All Seasons

Indoor Fan

It is also important to be aware of the direction your fan is rotating in the summer. In the warmer months, your ceiling fan should be rotating counterclockwise in order to move the air downwards toward the room and the spaces where we are sitting, sleeping and living. This assists in keeping us cooler and comfortable with the swift wind effect from the fan. In opposition, within the winter months, your fan should rotate clockwise towards the ceiling. This draws the fan’s blades upwards and out towards the edges of the room and back towards the ground. This assists in evenly distributing your warm air and allowing the heat to push down towards your living space.

When entering the midst of summer, having a ceiling fan will help your space feel more comfortable, cool, liveable and trendy. They are not only affordable but can be used throughout the year for their cooling and heating purposes, helping your home stay at a stable temperature. The technicians at AJ’s Electrical have over 60 years of combined experience and expertise with all things electrical, including ceiling fan installation. They are even able to supply a wide selection of paddle fans.

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