Why An Attic Conversion Is Better Than An Extension


Attic Conversion

Thinking about an extension? While these can be a superb way to improve your home and add value, they can cause a tremendous amount of stress and be disruptive and expensive to complete. Instead, you could consider an attic conversion as building upwards instead of outwards can bring a host of benefits.

No Planning Permission

One of the main advantages is that you will not need planning permission to convert your attic as you would if you wanted to build an extension. Planning permission can take a long time to be approved which can make the process lengthier than necessary.

Does Not Take Up Room

An extension can be a great addition to the home, but you must keep in mind that you will be sacrificing a large chunk of land for the extension, which can be a shame if you have a nice garden space. A conversion, on the other hand, is simply adapting space that is often otherwise without purpose.

Price & Time

Because there is no major building work involved in a loft conversion, it can be much cheaper to complete, and the work is usually completed much faster than an extension. This also limits the amount of disruption that the work causes to your everyday life.

Added Value

It is said that a loft conversion or an extension can add 20% to the value of your home which makes both a smart move to make if you plan on selling down the line. Due to the fact that loft conversions are usually cheaper, this means that you will be paying less for this benefit.


There are many different ways that you could use an attic conversion. They can make fantastic isolated bedrooms, office spaces, home gyms or simply somewhere to go and relax. This can be handy if space is already tight or you plan on adding to your family any time soon.

Easy to Maximise Ventilation & Light

People are often hesitant to convert an attic as they see this as a dark and dingy area of the house. Skylights are a brilliant way to maximize natural light and ventilation in an attic and they can look stylish and attractive. You can easily use skylight blinds to block out the light if needed too – this is particularly helpful if you turn this room into an isolated bedroom.

As you can clearly see, there are many benefits to opting for an attic conversion when trying to increase the space available in your property. While extensions can be worthwhile, you will often find that it is best to opt for a loft conversion as this can be easier, cheaper and faster while still adding value to your property. Since a loft conversion can also be used for many different purposes, it can be suitable for all households.


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