Why And How To Store Skis In The Garage?


How To Store Skis In The Garage

In the summer season, you cannot go skiing, and because of that, you will have to store skis in a safe place. In the off-season, you can store skis in your garage. But there is one thing you will have to keep in mind, and that is your garage must not be in a too hot or humid area; otherwise, your skies will get spoiled.

Know Different Ways To Store Skis In The Garage

There are mainly three ways by which you can store skis, and all of them are mentioned below in detail –

  1. Vertical ski storage rack – if in your family everyone loves skiing, then every member must have a ski. You can keep all the ski boards in this rack on your garage floor. Up to 5 pairs of skis can fit on this board. The rack comes in full finishing. You will not have to do any drilling, and it is built with molded rigid plastic.
  1. Horizontal ski storage rack – if you want to hang your ski boards on the wall, a horizontal ski storage rack can be the best option. You can keep up to 3 ski boards in this rack. For installing this rack, you will need a screwdriver or drill.

 You can also keep snowboards, water skis, skateboards, or other items. It has three levels of storage which will store the ski boards with the bindings attached.

  1. Gravity Grabber – this is another fantastic option by which you can store skis on safe points, and it also locks them into the place. It has anti-slip pads that keep your ski in place and give a cool look.

If you want to unhook your ski, you can easily do it with your arms. However, for keeping more than one pair of skis, you have to interlock each gravity grabber together. For installing a gravity grabber, you will require a drill. There are six holes for six drywall anchors and screws in each gravity grabber so that the sky stays in its place.

How To Store Skis In Your Garage?

Now that you know different ways to store ski in your garage let’s learn how to store it.

  1. Clean your skis – before storing your skis. You should clean them to get rid of dirt, grime, or salt. For cleaning, please don’t use detergent or degreasers because they can cause binding. Dry them up before you keep them in storage to prevent them from any damage.
  2. Band them together – when you put your skis for storage, make sure that you tie your skis together properly so you don’t lose any of them. Because if you lose one, then there is no use of another one. You will have to purchase a new pair.
  3. Wax the base – to prevent skis from oxidation, you will have to wax the base of your skis. You will have to hot wax the base but do it carefully, don’t scrape it off. Otherwise, during storage, it will end up rusting.
  4. Do edge work – for sharpening the edge of your skis. You can make use of diamond stone. This will keep your skis ready, and whenever you want to use them, you can take them out from your garage and use them.
  5. Keep it out of direct sunlight – you should keep your skis away from sunlight because the heat of the sun will wrap your skis.

Know when you know how you can store your skis in your garage. What are you waiting for? If you want a stylish look to store your skis, then hang it with the help of a gravity gabbler. If you don’t have space in your garage, you can use a horizontal ski storage rack and hang it on your wall.

But then also there are certain don’ts you will have to keep in mind before hanging ski on your garage wall like –

  • Don’t store them in a humid or hot garage.
  • Don’t store them in direct sunlight.
  • First, clean them, and then only store them.
  • Without waxing, don’t store your skis.
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