Why Are Pleated Shades Best For Home?


Pleated blinds are considered best for homes and apartments because of many reasons. Pleated blinds can be installed easily, and you can use them conveniently. Moreover, these shades come with an aluminium coating that reflects the sunlight and keeps your home cool even when it’s bright shiny sunny summer outside. So if the main reason to install the blinds is to repel the sunlight, then your first choice must be pleated blinds shades. Some of the main reasons to choose pleated blinds for the home are explained below:

Pleated Shades

Keeps You Safe From UV Rays

Pleated shades, as described earlier, are mostly aluminium coated. This aluminium coating enables these shades to reflect light, heath and even cold. This ability keeps you and your family safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. In summer, this reflective surface keeps your home cool. And even in winter, when you heat up your room, it will reflect the heat back in the room and will prevent the heat from going out of the room. Hence you can save a considerable amount you spend on heating or cooling your home.

Control The Light

You have plenty of choice in colours and style if you opt for Pleated shades for your home. To see a significant choice, you can log on to selectblindscanada.ca/pleated-shades/. Choosing the darker shades will allow you to block sunlight from entering the room, and if you want a  brighter feel, you can choose some lighter colours for your pleated blind shades. Apart from the colour choice for light control, you can open and close the shades as much as you want. You can allow or block the light from entering the room using pleated shades.

Pleated shades can be lowered or raised easily with just a single wire. You can lower or raise as per your choice. There can be different styles and designs, and structures of pleated blinds. But the good thing is that you can control them with the motor as well. A low powered motor can be used to lower or to raise the shades whenever you want. If you want more advanced technology, you can control these shades remotely as well without any wire. Just push the remote button and control the pleated blind shades.

Best For Privacy

If you are seeking privacy, then pleated shades are best for you. Fitting and folding are so fine that it fits completely in the window and cover it up from every corner. With no gap to peek through, it gives you complete privacy. By automating your pleated blinds using motor and sensors, you do not have to worry about closing your blind; rather, it will take care of your privacy even when you are sleeping in your bedroom.

Easy To Use

The thing that makes pleated blinds best for the home is it’s easy to use the feature. Unlike other blinds, pleated blinds are not multi-layered. With all the features we discussed here. Pleated shades are no doubt the best blinds to be used in your home.

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