Why Are The Double Glazed Windows Getting So Popular In The Market?


If you want to stay peaceful when you are inside the room and don’t want to allow the noise of the outer world to enter into your room, then opting for the double glazed windows can be the right decision. It comes with several benefits that are making this window accessible in the modern days.

What Exactly Are Double Glazed Windows?

What Is Double Glazed Windows

 Readers who are not familiar with the name of double-glazed windows here is a quick overview:

  • These can also be called IGUs, or in other words, an insulated glass unit (IGU). Such groups are comprised of two glass panes, which are combined to make a single unit.
  • Double glazed windows are more commonly used, as IGUs with three or more layers are priced higher.
  • A spacer separates the panels in the windows. Also, there is a still layer of air or gas in the separator.
  • The glass, once fitted with the spacer, is fitted into the frames to create the complete window.

Once double glazed windows sealed, they are airtight, and they provide double insulation of a single-layered window.

Advantages Of Using Double Glazed Windows

Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows

Apart from the points mentioned above, here is a look at some impressive benefits of double-glazed windows as well:

  1. Cost-Effective: As mentioned above, using an IGU with two layers, helps you to find better insulation for your room. The primary benefit of such windows is that the heat inside or outside does not travel as freely as it would if windows were made of single panes. The time taken to heat or cool spaces in an IGU is relatively less, and it gives significant savings on energy bills!
  1. Reduces Damage To The Furniture: If you have a precious painting, or you love a piece of furniture too much, then these windows are what you need. IGUs can be double or triple glazed, and it can reduce the amount of sunlight entering your house in a better manner with an increased number of layers. It, in turn, helps you avoid sun damage to your carpets, paintings, and furniture.
  2. Limited Condensation: Moisture, once in contact with glass, will turn into water. In winters, the same water will turn freeze and into frost. Once frost comes, people inside the room will be forced to adjust the heat temperatures. However, the use of IGUs avoids this. You can make use of double glazed windows to protect your room from getting too cold. The air space between the two panes and the airtight seal does not allow water to condense and freeze over.
  3. Safe: Such windows are known to be much more reliable than single-paned windows. Double-paned windows, with an airtight seal in the middle, are much harder to break. If you want to ensure that your house is safe, then these windows are what you need.

Some Facts About Double Glazed Windows 

  1. These windows last for a long time, and they can be recycled later.
  2. Since these windows are correctly fitted, these are practically maintenance-free!
  3. You won’t be able to see a drop of water or condensation on the glass unless the seal has been broken.
  4. Double glazing is versatile; you can keep the styles you have in mind and still have them.
  5. The practice of making use of double-paned, glazed windows emerged in Scotland around 1870. During those times, the second window used to be puttied against an existing one on the window.

When you decide to install an IGU, you should look into the type of glass used and what is used between the glasses.

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