Why Bathroom Needs Makeover

On September 16, 2013 by Mamta

Colorful Bathroom design

Assuredly, bathroom isn’t just a place for taking a shower. You can do absolutely anything in your bathroom. For example, you can sharpen your singing abilities by assuming a concert or take acting lesson and remain oblivious to world around you. It is a spot where you can reflect on and make sense of lives esoteric puzzle. Indeed the comfort of home lies in its bathroom. The place, where, perhaps you spend the most productive and creative time of your life, need to be magnificently built. It’s probably the time when you replace those old worn out bathtubs with new shining one. It’s probably the time when you undo those rusted shower and taps and consider appointing new one. Yes, it’s probably the time when you give a new visage to your old companion.

Purple Shower Curtain

Purple Shower Curtain with Unique Motives in Modern Bathroom Design

In order to give your bathroom ‘livelier’ and ‘brighter’ feel, consider buying shower curtain complementing bathrooms wall color but make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and subtle. Preference should be given to lucid colors.

Bathroom Trends

Get rid of those open and close types window. Instead put a solid window in the shower that wouldn’t open. Change that old, equivalent to grandma’s age tiles and hire new, lively ones. That ones that give the clear reflection of face rather than causing blur.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas with Mirrors Luna

If your bathroom is a proud owner of some hideous cabinet, throw it away. Cabinets look squeamish as well as outdated. Mirror (oval or square, I prefer oval though) would be a better pick. Make sure the mirror is properly hung on the wall, in order to avoid any accident caused by the smashing of a mirror. You might also contemplate replacing those dim, tarnish and obscure lights with luminous ones, as proper light brings pulchritude.

Modern Bathroom Design Green

Spacious bathrooms are often more relaxing and endearing and lest you are an aspiring singer or actor then this space would be a sure way of achieving your dream (practice requires space, you see). Removing unwanted antique could create lot of room.

Few other changes like hand towel holder, vanity cabinet, chrome bar can be installed for comfort.

After the makeover, relish the exquisite bathroom experience.

2 Responses to “Why Bathroom Needs Makeover”

  • Better space for singing in the shower is a great reason to remodel. Completing your brand, personality, and story is another reason.

  • I agree with you: bathroom is a lot more than a place to take a shower! I spend a lot of time and money in my bathroom renovation when I bought my house because I thought I would need a place to relax and to be comfortable! I bought all the products from Roca, because they are very reliable and long-lasting!

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