Why Blinds Are The Perfect Window Covering In 2022


Window Blinds

Blinds have sometimes come and gone when it comes to interior design fashions. However, they are in many ways the ideal way to decorate a window.

They are, on the one hand, practical, but they can certainly be very stylish too. Blinds have come a long way since the old-fashioned types used in offices in the sixties or seventies.

Indeed, the window coverings market as a whole is now big business. According to Grand View Research, the global window coverings industry was worth $27.6 billion. A big chunk of that market will be from sales of blinds.

There are excellent reasons why more homeowners are turning to blinds and away from curtains or drapes.

What Makes Window Blinds The Perfect Option?

Perfect Window Blinds

Here are just a few of the reasons why blinds make the best window covering. Some of them are very apt for today’s world, especially the first point.

More People Are Working Remotely Than Ever Before

The pandemic saw a complete change in employment conditions for many people. As Covid struck and many restrictions were brought in, many employees were asked to work from home.

The home office is now more common than it ever has been. Even as the pandemic eases, many people have chosen to remain working in this manner. This necessitates the demand for a proper working space.

Light and privacy are two crucial factors when setting up a home office. Using Venetian and vertical blinds allows the remote worker to control both of these areas.

They Can Cool The Home

Blinds That Can Cool The Home

In regions where high temperatures can hit, this is an important consideration. But, unfortunately, curtains don’t always make the best choice in hot countries or in the summer.

If your home is one of those that suffer from high solar gain, then using the correct type of blind can help.

Cellular or honeycomb blinds are very effective at reducing solar gain and helping to keep a room cool. Considering how expensive air conditioning is to run, this is a great advantage that blinds can give.

They Come In A Variety Of Types And Colors

In the past, you may have found that blinds were quite limited in the style and colors that they came in. Now though, that has all changed.

Blinds come patterned, in different types, and in different materials. Finding the perfect colored blinds for your home is not a difficult task at all. Indeed, there may be a little too much choice.

They Are Practical

Some areas of the house don’t suit curtains or drapes. Blinds are the most practical option for two rooms; the kitchen and the bathroom.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right blinds for your space. And one of them is the material they are made from.

If you choose the right blinds, then you will find that they are practical in the kitchen and the bathroom. These areas often have high levels of moisture from steam. Oil can also splash while cooking in the kitchen.

Blinds are easy to clean and can avoid the problems that curtains might have in these rooms. As blinds are easy to wipe down, you will avoid mold and mildew. They also come in materials resistant to hot cooking oil.

They Give You More Control Than Curtains

Blinds Have More Control Than Curtains

Curtains, by their very nature, are either open or closed. You can half-open them, of course, but there is little control over them or how much light you let in.

Blinds allow much more control over sunlight. You can allow just the right amount of light into your room with a simple adjustment of the blind.

These controls give them another advantage over curtains too.

Blinds Give A Certain Level Of Privacy

Of course, curtains also keep prying eyes away from inside your home. But, blinds can give privacy while still allowing light through.

This makes them great for rooms that face the street or bathrooms. The home office, of course, would benefit greatly from the combination of privacy and light control.

They Are The Most Affordable Window Covering

Affordable Window Blinds

While this is a general rule rather than one written in stone, you will normally find that blinds are less expensive than curtains.

It would be cheaper to decorate a home and use blinds throughout than it would to have curtains. They can also be more durable than curtains, so they last longer.


To summarize why blinds are the best option is simple. They will last longer than curtains and even made to measure blinds are cheaper than the equivalent curtains.

Blinds are perfect for the home office and allow the worker complete privacy. In addition, they have excellent light control, unlike curtains. And, they can help to keep a home cooler when the right type is used.

They are also just more practical than curtains in some areas of the home. However, with all the styles available today, blinds make the best coverings.

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