Why Bonaire Evaporative Cooler is Best to Use?

On December 21, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

If you are looking for the evaporative cooling system, then Bonaire will be the first name that comes in your mind. Bonaire evaporative coolers are designed to provide fresh and natural air-conditioning. You don’t have to spend large money while buying Bonaire evaporative coolers because they are cost-effective and provide maximum efficiency. Evaporative cooling will be a perfect choice if you want a healthy life and clean air in your home as compared to ducted refrigerated air conditioners. If you don’t want to affect your environment by installing ducted refrigerated air conditioners, then you should consider the option of evaporative cooling because it produces less carbon dioxide gas. These products generally come with an extended warranty up to 5 years or more.

Evaporative Cooler

Features Of Bonaire Pinnacle Evaporative Cooling

  • Impress Motor:

Used in the award-winning Australian solar car “Desert Rose” in the World solar challenge it uses the world-class axial flux motor technology so that you can save your energy cost up to 40%. Ducted and split air conditioning can increase the power consumption bill, and you need to bear the heavy running cost for such systems. But with the Bonaire pinnacle evaporating cooling system, you can save the power consumption bill, and you can also move such cooling system according to your convenience.

  • The Function Of Pad Clean:

You can quickly clean the filter of these cooling systems, and you can get maximum efficiency level form these Bonaire pinnacles evaporating cooling system throughout the year.

  • Control Humidity:

As per the drastic climatic conditions of Australia this model gives you a special function of the humidity control system through which you can control the moisture level through the filter-cool pads. You can efficiently operate your unit, and it will provide optimum efficiency even on humid days.

Why would you Choose the Bonaire Pinnacle Evaporating Cooling System?

These Bonaire models are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the end users so that they can fit on the profile of the roof. It will also keep very less water as compared to flat based systems. You will even get world class moulded high power plastic which is UV rays stabilised. So these evaporative cooling systems do not get affected by the sun’s heat, and they can keep your rooms cool during summer at less power energy.

An aircraft designer will be hired to build and design the aero wing fan so that users can get world-class technology. In this fan, a different type of “paddle” fan blade is used through which you will get maximum fan performances and so that you can get maximum airflow and it will also produce very less noise as compared to other available units.

Water Management System in Bonaire Pinnacle

You don’t need to worry about changing or replacing the water in the cooler as there are quality salinity sensors available in the systems through which you can quickly identify the desired time when you will need to replace the water. Having this technology in your evaporative cooler ensures that your unit will operate smoothly and you do not need to wastewater to run this cooling system. The water tank will be easily dry and clean after its smooth operation, and you can also clean and maintain the filter pads and water tanks in a normal way.

Bonaire Evaporative Coolers

After reading this article, you must have understood that Bonaire evaporative cooler is energy efficient and can provide maximum efficiency when in operation. You are highly recommended to install Bonaire evaporative coolers at your home for clean and fresh airflow. Today, you can easily search such cooling system online, and you can easily buy them from the online store at a minimum price. But always check their warranty and durability along with the cooling efficiency before buying.

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