Why Buying A Home Air Filter Is Worth Every Penny


8x22x1 Air Filter

Air filters are becoming ever more popular as people become aware of the many benefits they can provide to your health. From dust and pet dander to odours and bacteria, air filters do a wonderful job of reducing air pollution in your home and improving your overall health. But if you’re still unsure whether purchasing in an air filter is the right choice for you, here are some reasons why you won’t regret your investment.

  1. You Have Pets but Also Allergies

Many people love animals but can’t live with them because of allergies related to pet hair, dust and mites. An 18x22x1 air filter, or whatever size yours requires, is a great way of ensuring you and your beloved pets can live harmoniously without affecting your allergies, as they remove the pet dander from the air to make it cleaner and easier to breathe in.

Children are often more sensitive to pet dander than adults, so for families with both pets and small children, an air purifier is a great addition to the home.

  1. Your Home Smells Unclean

From mould and damp to dust, there are many aspects of homes that can cause odours to develop. For people who are sensitive to smells, these odours can be bothersome. An air purifier can help remove unwanted smells without the need for air fresheners and chemical cleaners, which can add to the toxic pollution in your home, to leave the air fresher and cleaner. But it’s not just homes that can benefit from this – offices are also prone to stagnant smells, and air filters are a great way of eliminating these odours efficiently for a more comfortable work environment.

  1. You Have Respirator Problems

Asthma and other respiratory diseases are very common, and they can be unpredictable, depending on how much pollen and dust there is in the air. If you or your loved ones have asthma, you’ll know how quickly an attack can be triggered, making it incredibly difficult to breathe. Right air filters help to minimise the risk of this occurring, making the air as clean as possible so you can breathe freely.

  1. You or a Family Member Smokes

It’s not just smoking directly that damages your health – second-hand smoke is just as harmful to your health, meaning that living with a smoker is just as damaging as being the actual person who smokes. Air filters with HEPA filters are designed to remove smoke and tobacco pollutants from the air, as well as smoke-related odours, to improve your health.

  1. Your Home is Brand New

You may think that moving into a brand-new home would mean you are free from pollutants and dust. But that new home smell can come with a host of pollutants, including formaldehyde which is an incredibly harmful toxin that has been linked to many health problems. An air purifier filters out these toxins, so you have greater confidence that the air you’re breathing in won’t harm you or your loved ones.

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