Why Consider Hardwood For Your Commercial Flooring Projects?


Deciding upon the right flooring material for a commercial building needs careful thought. There are many considerations to consider, including the footfall, whether it needs to be decorative, and of course, your budget. For example, in a restaurant or similar, you need a floor that looks beautiful and will withstand many years of heavy use. In a shop, the looks are perhaps not so important, but you still need the durability. For an office, there’s the element of longevity as well as making an impression on visitors.

This is why commercial flooring choices are perhaps more difficult than those for the home. In a house, you know what you want and where, but there’s a lot more to consider in commercial installations. We’re going to talk about hardwood flooring and why it is suitable for all types of commercial use, so read on for inspiration.

Beautiful And Practical

Hardwood Floor

The many benefits of hardwood flooring include its beauty as well as its practicality. Hardwood can come in many different forms, and you can choose from a wide range of colors, shades, and finishes, each of which has its own unique look. Furthermore, with a hardwood floor, you will be installing a floor that will last many years with the proper care. Being a natural material, wood will be susceptible to scratches and pitting, but these can easily be dealt with.

Refinishing a wooden floor is something that you may need to consider at some point, but we are talking about after many years of normal use. A hardwood floor will last a decade or more before it needs any attention other than simply cleaning, so you are making a great choice when choosing this option for your shop, restaurant, or commercial building.

Different Types Of Wood

Hardwood Flooring

A further advantage of hardwood flooring is that many different wood types are used to make the flooring. The wood will be obtained from sustainable forests, and each floor will be absolutely unique. Many customers choose oak as the wood of choice. Traditional, beautiful, and hard-wearing, it is sure to be high on the list of 2021 flooring trends for hardwood floors. Maple is another popular choice, as is mahogany, while wood such as beech, ash, walnut, and many more offer various colors and finishes.

Having an eco-friendly floor in your commercial property is a bonus as it adds to your business’s green credentials. This is an area that is taken very seriously in the current era. A reputable wood flooring contractor is the best place to start looking for a hardwood floor, and they will be able to advise you as to your ideal wood, how it should be finished, and the best choice to fit your available budget. As this is a competitive market, you should shop around for the best price as you may find that there are wide differences in the quotes you are given.


There is no doubt that the hardwood floor is a great choice for a shop, restaurant or bar, and office premises. Combining the benefits of beautiful and natural looks with hard-wearing and durable attributes, a professionally installed hardwood floor will last a long time and serve the purpose well. Maintenance is low as all you need to do wash it down when needed and brush away debris, and it will work well in areas of heavy footfall. Talk to your local hardwood floor installation provider and see what options you have for a beautiful hardwood floor.

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