Why Corner Baths Are A Great Choice When Designing Your New Bathroom


There’s nothing as stylish and glamorous as a corner bath, so long as you can heat the extra water, they tend to use there is no restriction on enjoying the benefits they bring. So, if you are in the process of designing a new bathroom we think a corner bath is a fantastic choice, and here are some of the main reasons why.

  1. They Make The Most Of The Floor Space Available

Clia Left Hand Corner Bath And Panel And Screen

Corner bathtubs have long been the first choice for bathroom designers working with a smaller sized room, allowing for a full-size tub experience while using less floor space than a traditional or a free standing bath. However, don’t assume that they are only for those who are looking for a space saving option, as corner baths come in various sizes, which mean largest bathrooms can benefit from a bigger tub which still makes good use of what could otherwise be dead space. A corner tub leaves plenty of room for vanities, seating, storage units, or just for nothing at all. Whatever the measurements of your bathroom it makes sense to use the space wisely, and avoid a cluttered or poorly organized room, right?

  1. Corner Bathtubs Are Good Value For Money

Right Hand Corner Bath And Panel And Screen

Compared to more traditionally styled bathtubs a corner option is generally cheaper, and they are usually made from the material which has a longer lifespan too. Overall they are always going to be a good, hard wearing, investment.

  1. There Are Plenty Of Styles To Choose From

Clia RH Corner Bath And Panel And Screen

This is, of course, important as above all you need a tub – which is a significant part of your bathroom – to fit in with the overall style of the room. If the only image of a corner tub you can picture is the 1970s slightly tacky style, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. These days corner bathtubs are available in all kinds of styles, such as contemporary, classic, or even antique looking with a ball and claw feet! You can also choose to have a tub which is either single or double ended, the latter being perfect for sharing!

If you would like to check out a selection of baths, then head over to https://www.bathroomcity.co.uk/products/baths/corner-baths.

  1. They Have Useful Space Around Them

RH Corner Bath And Panel And Screen

If you enjoy soaking in the tub with some aromatherapy candles lit to create a fragrant and relaxing mood, or to relax with a glass of wine and a good book, you need a tub that provides convenient decking or shelving around it to hold your paraphernalia. The spaces are equally useful for displaying your children’s bath toys or your bath products.

  1. They Are Flexible

Left Hand Corner Bath And Panel And Screen

If you don’t have space for a separate shower unit, it’s easy enough to incorporate an overhead shower into space above your corner tub, and add a stylish half panel to the tub itself.

  1. You Can Have A Seat Built-In

Right Hand Corner Bath And Panel And Screen

Some styles offer this option, which is excellent for those with less mobility, or who have other issues with bathing but want to use a regular tub.

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