Why Do I Keep Having Drainage Problems?


Drainage Problems

Studies have shown that, on average, homeowners will most likely need a drainage contractor every three years, which indicates the regularity that things can go wrong in your home. Depending on the quality of your plumbing system, you may need to hire a contractor more often.

If left unchecked, drainage problems can result in expensive repair jobs, along with posing a risk to your safety and health. That is why it is necessary to understand why some homes keep having drainage problems.

Common Drainage Problems

Here are the most common drainage problems and what causes them:

Smelly Drains

You might notice persistent unpleasant smells coming from the outside or inside of your home. A leak or blockage can often cause a smell in one of the pipes, so it is recommended that you contact a contractor to fix those problems.

Blocked Drains

The kitchen, bathroom, or shower drains can get blocked due to the hair or oils that can get stuck in them, making it impossible for water to pass through. You can try to remove the clog using drain cleaners or plumbing snakes, but if the problem persists, you should seek expert help from a plumber.

Collapsed Drains

If the drains are collapsed, you may notice a foul odor around your house or property because wastewater is not being disposed of properly and will seep into the surrounding areas. If you suspect a collapsed pipe, you should immediately call a professional. The faster the drainage is solved, the less damage will be caused to your property.

Pests In Drains

Unfortunately, rats and insects like cockroaches, fruit flies, or drain flies can enter your home through the drainage system if it has a breach. You can find various cleaning products that can help you keep the pests away, but they might not be effective on large-scale infestations. A drainage contractor can inspect your property and recommend solutions to your problem.

Root Intrusions

If you have many trees on your property, then roots growing into your drain pipes could become a problem. Roots can easily infiltrate the pipework, causing water to leak out and create sinkholes in your garden. To handle those situations, professionals can use various methods to remove roots from the pipes and then repair the damage they caused.

Frozen Pipes

If your taps don’t work when it’s frigid outside, your pipes could be frozen. Turning the tap on will most likely increase the pressure and might cause cracks. You can try using a hairdryer to defrost the frozen pipe. However, if the pipe has cracked, you might need the help of a plumber or drainage contractor.


Regular maintenance of the drainage system can help you avoid all these problems. Prevention is always best, so you should regularly check for any damp spots, soil erosion, water leaks, cracks in your home’s foundation, foul smells from your drains, and so on.

Drainage problems can harm your property and health, so if you struggle to solve them, you should get professional assistance. By doing so, you will ensure that your drainage problems won’t come back, and you won’t have to deal with them anymore. Websites like miamitile.com/plumbing/ recommend calling professionals to help keep your home dry and safe.

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