Why Do You Choose Smart Blinds? Top Features Of Smart Blinds


Features Of Smart Blinds

We all have the smart home vision, where we get to see the smart window coverings rolling up and down automatically to reveal and cover the natural light. Fortunately, there have been countless options for homeowners looking for automated and smart window coverings. The best part is they can be adjusted remotely. You no longer need to go up to the windows to control your window shades according to the exterior lights. Everything can be done in a single tap or voice command.

Nowadays, manufacturers are focusing more on designing window blinds that are compatible with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and more. As much as interesting and convenient the smart blinds sound, picking the best one and having them installed in your home isn’t that easy.

Why Choose Smart Blinds Over Drapes And Other Coverings?

So, the market offers a plethora of window covering options to homeowners. Whether you are on the lookout for the roman style shades for your bathroom or high-quality and appealing roller blinds by Smart Blinds for your commercial space, you need to make a smart choice. After all, it is the window blinds that guarantee privacy and blocks UV rays from the sun.

From helping you save some bucks on the electricity bills to offering excellent protection from the prying eyes and harmful sun rays, these covers do it all for you. You must have heard of the smart bulbs that adjust the lights at night automatically. But, you still have to raise and lower the window shades manually. The task gets even harden for homeowners, who have several layers of the window covers installed in different areas. Well, that’s where the smart and automated blinds come into the picture.

Create A Smart Home

Do you know the smart home integration allows homeowners to adjust all the smart blinds installed in different rooms simultaneously? Now, it’s super easy for homeowners to create a perfect atmosphere for all kinds of events. For instance, one instruction will turn on the smart bulbs, music, party lights, and, most importantly, get the window blinds down. This way, you can create a perfect party atmosphere with voice commands.

They enable the homeowners to control the light coming into the room at any moment. Voice command is sufficient to instruct the in-built motor to raise and lower the blinds. If it isn’t smartphone compatible, you could use the remote control to adjust the blinds. Either way, you can expect a convenient adjustment of the coverings from the comfort of your bed. Here, we’ll walk you through a few major features of smart blinds that make them an ideal option for a smart home.

Feature Of Smart Window Blinds

Are you planning to renovate your home? Or, are you buying a new property? Privacy is the utmost priority of homeowners. The last thing you want is to allow the intruders to peek through your windows. Let’s see why smart blinds make a great covering for your home.

  • Built-In Motor

There couldn’t be a better feeling than waking up to pleasant dawn outside. Usually, homeowners have to walk up to the curtains and shades to adjust them. But, imagine being able to control these shades from your bed. Thanks to smart blinds!

Raising or lowering the shades is no longer a manual task. These covers come equipped with built-in motors that roll up and down the blinds seamlessly. These motors work according to your instructions.

  • Light Sensors

Some smart blind models come equipped with light sensors. They automatically adjust according to the climate and lighting outside. They are controlled the same way you’d control a standard window shade. The only difference is you can set a timer for the shades to roll up and down at specific times.

  • Voice Command Compatibility

With the increasing demand for voice command technology, companies have started offering voice compatible smart blinds. As the name implies, you can use voice instructions to control the window shades. You must need Google Assistance, Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa to use the voice command feature.

  • Mobile App Compatible

Other than a voice command, homeowners can control their window blinds on smartphones. You can download the relevant mobile app and adjust the shades in one tap. That’s even more convenient, considering that we have our mobiles with us all the time. So, it is pretty easy to adjust these blinds anytime you want.

If you don’t have access to a mobile or voice assistant, you can use remote control for the job.

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