Why Electronic Repellents Beat Pesticides


Chemical pesticides have been used for too long and in large quantities when there are other alternatives out there that are much healthier and safer. As new developments are made in the market, new products begin to surface, and more reliable formulas are used to keep our homes and outdoors safe.

Electronic Repellents Beat Pesticides

Electronic Repellents

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Many people do not know about just how far reaching the damaging effects of pesticides, and other harmful chemicals can be. This article will discuss some of the potential dangers not only on our environment but also our health. Once knowing about these things, we can make a conscious effort to avoid them and consider an electronic rodent repellent.

Effects of the Environment


This pollutant has been shown to stay in the atmosphere far after they have been sprayed on crops. The harshest pesticides have been used and continue to be used for almost a century meaning that the amount of build-up is considerable.

With the more pollution that grows in our environment, the more it destroys the natural nutrition in our foods. All of the high vitamin and mineral content that is supposed to be in our vegetables and plant-based foods are slowly decreasing.

Chemical pesticides are often found in foods such as potatoes, slices of bread, cereal snacks, lemons, satsumas, and lettuces. Even though they do an excellent job of killing the small pests that try to eat them as they grow, they can cause damaging effects when entering the human body.

Effects on our Health

Exposure to pesticides has been linked to several diseases such as cancers, nervous/immune system issues and reproductivity. Whether in the home or outside in the garden, exposure can also contribute to asthmas, Parkinson’s disease, and other mental disorders. This is why the organic movement is becoming even bigger as more and more realize the potential health threats of pesticides.

Effects on our Homes

Indoor pollution can also occur when people come in from outdoors after someone has used pest killer on the grass. You should also be aware of the chemical used to make grass grow as they are still very unnatural.

Why Go with Electronic Repellent?

Plug In Mouse Repllent

So, what happens when you are sick of the pests and have run out of ideas for alternatives? Looking into electronic repellents may be the way to go. There are plenty of exciting developments in the field of science and on the market that are effective.

Electronic methods are a great way of controlling pests by using frequency generation techniques. Unlike the pesticides that release toxic chemicals that damage human health, they don’t emit anything and are at no risk to human health whatsoever. The frequency range generated cannot be heard by humans but are heard by insects, rodents, birds and other potential pests.

As a natural form of pest control, electronic repellents can be seen as a breath of fresh air and the way forward.

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