Why Every Home Needs A Covered Patio



Are you in the market for a covered patio? Patio covers and awnings have immense potential and versatility as decor items and bring much-needed practicality to your outdoor space, too. Today we take a deep dive into the world of patio cover and how to make them work for your home.

Not Just For Hot Climates

Firstly, let’s tackle one myth: these aren’t just featured for hot-weather homes. While installing awnings or patio covers to your Phoenix home may seem more obvious than doing so in Seattle, a covered patio space can offer you a lot of versatility. When you opt for a stylish patio cover Las Vegas, you open up your outdoor space for a longer time each year, allowing you to enjoy the day even if the weather outside is glum or rainy. Whether you want a quick cup of coffee in the fresh air or want a great space to entertain family and friends, awnings allow you to control the weather and not vice versa.

Brighten Up Your Home

Natural light is always a hot commodity in the home. In fact, going solar-powered is one of the best things you could do. However, the accompanying UV can cause damage to furniture and soft furnishings, and the heat itself can crack vinyl and plastics. Many modern patio awnings come in a range of UV-blocking treatments that still allow the sun to stream in without any heat or damage.

Create A Focal Point

Your patio is designed to entertain, but it’s easy for a deck to get overwhelmed by the beauties of the garden around it. By capping the space with an attractive awning, you create a focal space that encourages people to gather. This gives your entertainment area a greater definition and creates a welcoming space. With this anchor in place, entertaining your guests and enjoying the view has never been easier.

Protect Your Furniture And Amenities

As with the light coming into your home, a UV-blocking awning will preserve the beauty of your chosen patio decor for much longer than if they’re fully exposed to the elements. Not only will this lessen any UV bleaching and cracking, but you will also protect metal elements from rust and corrosion. You will also be able to avoid unsightly messes clogging up your deck space if it’s a windy day, so it’s easier to clean.

Extend Your Growing Season

If the biggest lure of the outdoors for you is growing gorgeous plants, a covered patio space can also help you extend the growing season and give needed shelter to your most precious and delicate plants. While it won’t be enough shelter for tropical plants to fully replace cold frame gardening or places with heavy winters, it reduces frost damage, stays ambiently warmer, and protects from negative weather damage.

Every home will benefit from the sleek looks and practical nature of a covered patio, as well as the enhanced curb appeal, so why not consider an addition to your home today?

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