Why Flowers Are Indispensable In An Interior


Love Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? They are nice to give and even nicer to receive, but why do flowers make us all so happy? We have listed the most important reasons for you so that you can bring a beautiful forest into your home today!

  1. Flowers Are Never Ugly

Everyone has their favorite flowers, the peony, tulips, or beautiful hydrangeas. Every flower has its charm and, therefore, simply cannot be ugly!

  1. They Brighten Up Any Interior

Pink, red, yellow, it doesn’t matter what color flowers are; they always brighten up an interior. For example, just like in the photo below, combine a white interior with colorful flowers. This way, you immediately make a basic interior interesting for the eye!

  1. They Make You Feel Good

Somehow, flowers boost your mood. It makes you happy without really doing anything for it.

  1. Flowers Smell Nice

Besides that the flowers give you a good mood, they also smell very nice. No air freshener can compete with that!

Drying Flowers

Do you want to dry your own flowers? That doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Hang the flowers upside down on a long garland. Preferably in a dark place, this way the beautiful color is best preserved. After that, it’s a matter of patience. It takes a few weeks for flowers to dry completely. As soon as they crackle, they are ready to be placed in a beautiful glass vase.

Did you know that dried flowers are everywhere? From Japan to Sweden? In Sweden, dried flowers are called ‘’födelsedagsblommor’’ or ‘’beställ blommor’’.

Long Will They Live

Wondering how to keep a bunch of flowers beautiful for as long as possible? You probably know that you have to cut the stems at an angle, but there are more tips and tricks to enjoying them extra long. We list them for you:

  • Provide a clean vase. Putting it in the dishwasher makes it clean but not bacteria-free. Cleaning the vase with a few drops of chlorine on a sponge works wonders.
  • Do not forget to change the water in the vase regularly.
  • It is also important to cut the stems one to two centimeters diagonally at the bottom of the flowers.
  • Do not put the flowers down while cutting. If you cut off the bottom of the stem in this way, you get a frayed bottom that does not absorb the water well, and this causes bacterial growth.
  • Choose the right place for the flowers. Do not place them too close to the heater or in direct sunlight.

Flowers For Extra Color In Your Interior

Flowers in the house are cheerful and give your interior a colourful touch. So it’s super fun to combine the colours at home with the colours of your bouquet. For example, you can place a bouquet in front of a wall with the exact opposite colour of your wall, creating beautiful contrasts in your interior!

Rearrange Flowers For A Better Sustainability

Do you have a beautiful large forest, but some flowers are already starting to hang? Then remove the flowers from the vase that are still good and divide them into small vases. This way, you can make a few more mini bouquets and decorate your home with them.

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