Why Happy Hiller Is A Sought After Home Service Company In Tennessee


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Being a staple in the community has its perks, especially when it comes to home service needs. Hiller is a holistic service provider that provides residential and commercial services to Tennessee and surrounding areas. Trusted by community leaders and members, Hiller’s multiple award-winning services is a cut above the rest.

Happy Hiller is the number one go-to Tennessee home service company; find out why.

Happy Hiller Tennessee: An Award-Winning Tennessee Home Service Company

Hiller is a multiple award-winning Tennessee home service company recognized by industry authorities for its phenomenal growth and exceptional corporate leadership.

Since 1990, Hiller has been operated as a family-owned company and was founded with only $500. Their core values are still in effect today. From implementing simple safety measures for team members to emergency services and transparent pricing for its customers – these values have propelled Hiller to the top of the charts.

Hiller is recognized by Inc5000, the Nashville Business Journal, and is among Ruud Reliable Top 10 contractors.

HVAC Professionals

HVAC Professionals Located In Happy Hiller, Tennessee

Hiller is proud of its team of HVAC experts who are dedicated to delivering best-in-class service to customers in Tennessee.

Hiller works with leading heating, cooling, and ventilation brands and service residential and commercial clients.


Reliable Plumbers Available from Happy Hiller Tennessee Home Service Company

Reliable plumbers are a necessity for modern-day living and daily business operations. Hiller cultivates a team of trained and certified plumbers who have accumulated decades of experience in their craft.

From simple fixes to your pipes to major overhauls of the main lines and outlets, Hiller’s service technicians are available when you need them.


Licensed Electricians in Tennessee

Looking to have your wiring fixed or a new circuit breaker installed? Do you need to inspect the electrical systems of a property you plan to buy? Do your appliances frequently trip up the circuits? Hiller’s electrical services are available to address these common problems.

These licensed electricians go through extensive training to deliver excellent service from beginning to end. Available 24/7, Hiller’s electrical services ensure complete coverage of all your electrical service needs.

Tennessee Home Service Company Offers Transparent Pricing

Hiller’s customers appreciate its True Transparent Pricing practices. By providing no-obligation quotes for every customer, each work proposal includes detailed costs for the smallest components. This puts you in charge of your spending and ensures that there are no surprises at the end.

Hiller’s professional service technicians thoroughly evaluate each situation before quoting you so that nothing is left to chance. Happy Hiller services focus on leaving behind only a peace of mind and a positive experience by leaving your home or office as clean as it was originally.

Emergency Services Available 24/7 From Happy Hiller Tennessee Home Service Company

Hiller prioritizes every problem that comes their way by offering 24/7 support. Emergency plumbing services ensure that your hot water and toilets are functioning properly at all times. Emergency electrical work services are available to put the lights back on, anytime, day or night. Emergency on-call HVAC services will work hard to keep your heating on, even during the busy holiday season. Hiller’s dedicated emergency service team provides the same level of superior service and commitment to each situation, no matter when or where it occurs.

Tennessee Home Service Company Providing Financing Options

Hiller is one of a few companies that offer reliable and transparent financing options for home and business owners. Unexpected expenses can become challenging to navigate when linked to the proper functioning of your essentials, including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. Hiller crafted a solution to the problem by serving as a reputed financial service provider that created financing solutions that fit your needs.

Why Choose Hiller

Remaining true since its inception in 1990, Hiller is known for maintaining a top-tier quality of service and has been recognized by authority organizations such as Inc5000 and Ruud reliable.

Customers enjoy being Happy Hiller Club Members, which gives them priority service, discounts, and other exclusive benefits to choose from.

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