Why Is Credit Score Important Before Buying A House


Buying A House

Buying a house is exciting, but the financial implication might not be as fun. Unless you’ve saved a lot to buy a house for cash, which is less practical, you need a loan. Mortgages make the process more manageable, as you’ll only need a reasonable down payment and monthly payments to finance your dream home. Nonetheless, it comes down to meeting the requirements, among the most important being your creditworthiness. Finding your dream home is easier with professionals like Casa Real Properties by your side. While considering finances, credit score can be a confusing subject. Nonetheless, understanding and improving it is advisable before you buy a house. The credit score shows the lender your ability to pay off a debt. Here is a quick look at credit score’s importance before buying a house.

Faster Approvals

Credit score ranges from 300 to 850, with each mortgage type requiring a set minimum. A conventional loan requires a minimum of 620, VA and FHA 580, and USDA 640, although you can find a lender taking as low as 620. What this means to the consumers is, the higher the score, the faster the approval. For instance, if you are applying for a conventional mortgage with over 740, it is considered very good and exceptional if it is 800 and upwards. This means that you’ll get faster approval as that box is checked.

Better Loan Terms

Better Loan Terms

While your debt-to-income ratio, down payment, and loan size play a significant role in determining the terms, the credit score can’t be overlooked. The credit score tells the lender how you’ve managed your credit in the past. If you have a bad credit score, you should learn about the difference between paying off debt vs credit repair, once you improve your score, you can apply for a loan with better terms. This gives them an idea of how you’ll handle future debts. As such, with a higher credit score, you’ll be better positioned as you negotiate for better terms. This includes the down payment and interest rate. Since you are seen as creditworthy, a good score makes it easier to secure substantial loan amounts, featuring friendlier terms such as 30 years with conventional loans and a lower interest rate. You might have to consider other options like an insured mortgage, such as the FHA with a low score. This means you need a higher down payment, and the terms won’t be as good as with a conventional mortgage.


While it is not the primary highlight during the underwriting process, a good credit score can save you money as you invest in homeowners insurance. A credit score shows how well you handle your money. With a good score, you are seen as safer. This means that your risk is lower, and you can get lower premiums.


Owning a home comes with expenses. From phone services, internet, water, electricity, to mention a few, you need the utilities to maintain a functional home. If your credit score isn’t that good, utility companies may require a deposit to initiate the services. A good credit history comes with many perks, including waivers on such security deposits, saving you more money. This makes it easier to keep your new home in top shape.

Buying your dream home won’t be a cakewalk. With professionals like Casa Real Properties, you can comfortably navigate the market and find a home that marks most, if not all, items on your checklist. Nonetheless, before you hit the market, revisiting your situation is essential. Among the top considerations to keep in mind is the credit score. Keeping your credit score as high as possible isn’t that demanding. Paying outstanding debts, bills on time, and avoiding too much credit, for instance, can boost your score. A good score unlocks many benefits and savings beyond the mortgage, emphasizing its importance as you strive to enhance your financial health.

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