Why Is It Important To Have A Certified Arborist?



If humans can’t compromise with their health, why should any other living organism on this planet compromise with theirs? Especially trees and all other kinds of plants through which the entire human race benefits. That is why it is highly recommended to have a certified arborist for trees to keep their life and good health in check.

Trees have to bear the damage caused by humans, the environment, and other biological things present in nature.

Like humans, the health of plants also gets affected by adverse conditions that they live in or the climatic changes that they have to go through. They, too, need medication and cures to better their healthy lifestyle.

Many people think that only fungus, bacteria, and insects like the emerald ash borer Utah are the main things causing sickness to the tree. Still, a lot of stress to the trees is caused by adverse climatic conditions, compacted soil, heavy fertilization, overwatering, and more things that can distort and weaken their immune system.

In this particular article, you will get to know the importance of a professional arborist who helps solve and detect almost every tree problem.

What Exactly Is An Arborist?

“Arborist” is an abbreviation of “Arboriculturalist being one in the practice of Arboriculture, which means the cultivation of trees. To break it down in a much simpler manner. Trees and people, where these two overlap, that is where you will find the Arborist. Arborists are needed at times and situations when humans and plants co-exist and try to make a balance out of it. But, sometimes it does not go smoothly, and one of the things gets damaged or ruined. With humans, they have enough sense and understanding to consult a doctor, but with trees and other plants, especially humongous trees that are not easily replaceable and can not be cut in a short period, they need a doctor for themselves, and that doctor is known as an “Arborist.”

So imagine every scenario you can, where trees overlap on people, and people overlap on trees. Construction sites, boundaries, views, leaf fall, fruit fall, conflicts with the built environment, etc., and regular upkeep, maintenance, and the requirement to take care of the urban forest.

So the Arborist’s life can be concerned with new plantations or tree assessments.

A certified ARBORIST can give detailed knowledge on the importance of a tree’s life. It’s like a doctor of trees.

Is It Worthy Of It?

Most tree services are worth your money and time. Unfortunately, the term ‘arborist’ isn’t a registered word like “Realtor” is. Anyone can call themselves an ‘arborist,’ which can mean anything they want it to mean.

 This is why it’s essential to look to whether or not the person claiming to be an arborist has earned credentials from a certifying body, which implies at least a mediocre of skill or knowledge, as there are examinations to pass credentialing that must be maintained through CEUs, which keeps the certified Arborist up to date with developments in tree care and updates them with new pieces of knowledge.

Considering that substandard tree care can lead to everything from lawsuits to fatalities, it’s worth paying a little extra for the skill needed to be rendered professionally.

The Cost Of Hiring An Arborist

The cost of an arborist highly depends on what task you want the Arborist to perform. Arborists do many other things besides prune or cut trees. It’s an industry that has grown a lot in terms of skills and labor, but the money doesn’t seem to have grown. It is not stagnant, but the progress is not so remarkable. There certainly isn’t anywhere near as much profit in it as there used to be. Rates and expenses go up, but hiring an arborist has not changed, as more and more people are becoming attracted to join this industry.

Difference Between An Arborist And Isa Certified Arborist.

An arborist would be someone with some degree of knowledge regarding trees. That knowledge and competency level are unmeasured and would depend on anecdotal information to determine before contracting or hiring them.

An ISA-certified arborist has met with a standard set by an industry-wide association that has established a minimum bar for someone to be considered capable in all aspects of tree care. This is a level of standard that companies use to make their hiring decisions and that enables them to pursue work they would otherwise not be able to.

Is It Dangerous Being An Arborist?

Being in the tree care business is undoubtedly dangerous. If you’re talking about the men who do all the risky work? Many arborists don’t do the work. They are managers and supervisors or salesmen. A climbing Arborist is one of the most dangerous jobs to perform.

Climbing arborists play the major role and activities of climbing and taking a holistic view of the tree’s health.

It is not an easy profession if you are working in the field.

Who Is Looking Out For Trees In Wildlife?

Trees in nature and forests are not taken care of by people. They grow, and nature takes care of them. They develop long and thick roots burrowing deep into the earth and suck water out from deep down even when the surface appears to be dry.

Then there are plenty of rainforests where the trees compete with each other for light and grow very tall to rise above other trees to secure a decent amount of sunlight for themselves and adapt to the environment surrounding them. In nature, trees also suffer damage in unfavorable weather conditions. They do their best to survive, and in the struggle for survival, they grow new branches that result from their hard survival.

In urban areas where trees are suited in a humanly dominated area, you will see plants and small trees growing out of cracks in brick walls and out of pavements. Not just plants, animals, due to their livelihood being taken away from them, are reverting to developed urban areas because they have nowhere else to go. Their shelters are being snatched away from them for the sake of development and urbanization.

Trees are very resilient and find ways to survive in nature. We are no bigger than nature itself.

Why Choose An Arborist?

A certified arborist is recognized as a professional who specializes in tree care. They are quite knowledgeable about tree needs. They are trained and well equipped to deliver safe and proper tree care to USA standards.

Some of the benefits of hiring a qualified arborist include:

  • Having High industry standards- Having high standards is a sign of good quality service.
  • Expert in knowledge and skills- a person’s work always reflects how many skills he has acquired over time.
  • A fully credible service- keeping customers’ satisfaction in mind always wins their trust.
  • Application of quality equipment- Usage of quality equipment indicates that the person is serious about his profession and keeps himself updated.
  • Having high safety standards- safety methods are also signs of high professionalism.
  • Proper tree care- Now, this is a compulsory aspect of any arborist to work on.
  • Compliance and Insurance- These two things are always checked before hiring an arborist.
  • Increase in property value- A good and green neighborhood will always add more value to your residence’s property.
  • Dedication and passion towards tree care- If you are an arborist, you know what it is like to be a nature lover and mindful person about trees.
  • Maintenance of trees- This is something that everyone should work on no matter who you are. It is a necessary element.
  • Honest commitment to tree education- An honest and sincerity towards your chosen field of the profession will always help you with your progress report card.

Remember, proper tree care is an investment. A good amount of care for trees makes them look attractive and can add significant value to your property. Hiring a certified and well-experienced arborist will always benefit you in many ways. The future belongs to the caretakers of nature, and in the coming years, there will be high demands of arborists as the new generation is much more mindful than the previous ones.

Neglected trees and easy fixes may be cheaper in the short term but can cause you significant problems shortly after some time.


Keep in mind that showing compassion towards nature and trees is a great gesture that can help better our nature. We are already facing a dozen crises like climate, water, and many more. How are we going to face our future generation? If we keep on treating nature like this.

Cutting trees and harmful activities will not help us in any way. Scientists have already declared water shortage in the coming years in many parts of the world. There are many things that we can do on our side to save trees and promote afforestation, like educating people on such sensitive topics and being an aware citizen so that human life does not get extinct in the future.

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