Why Is Nuflow The Best Pipe Repair Option?


Nuflow The Best Pipe Repair Option

Pipe repair is no simple job, and often plumbing issues occur in areas that are hard to access. If you’ve ever had a leaky pipe, you know it’s a frustrating and annoying problem. There are many ways to fix damaged pipes; some methods involve completely replacing the line, while others are trenchless and less invasive to your property or the surrounding structures.

NuFlow is a versatile option to repair leaks and normal wear and tear in both pressurized and non-pressurized piping. The technology is suitable for pipe repairs, renewals, or trenchless sewer repairs. Why is NuFlow the best pipe repair option? What benefits does it have over traditional trenching methods?

What Is Nuflow And How Does It Work?

NuFlow was founded in 1998 to provide trenchless pipe-lining options for single-family homes. NuFlow uses epoxy resin to line the pipe inside and uses a calibration tube with felt. This resin cures to form a durable pipe within a pipe, sealing cracks or leaks and restoring full function to the piping. As a result, NuFlow Technologies has led the way in repairing plumbing and piping systems that are typically difficult to access. NuFlow is an ideal solution to repair or replace pipes destroyed by root infiltration, age, weather, and other factors.

NuFlow uses innovative technology that allows plumbing companies to fix pipes from the inside without digging them up. This minimally invasive technique doesn’t require any heavy equipment or destruction of your property—and best of all, they can complete it in just a few hours! Plus, it’s one of the most versatile pipe repair options today because NuFlow handles pipe repairs, renewals, and even trenchless sewer repairs.

The whole process is quick from start to finish and barely a disruption to your business or your neighbours—unlike traditional trenching methods, which can take days or even weeks to complete. And because the new” pipe within a pip” is effectively sealed off from the outside environment, it’s highly resistant to corrosion, root intrusion, and other common problems that lead to leaks in pressurized and non-pressurized piping.

What Are Some Common Trenchless Repair Options

Trenchless pipe repair is the preferred method for many reasons, but there are several methods that plumbing companies typically use. Plumbing projects commonly use:

  • Relining – CIPP relining is the most common type of pipe relining, which involves repair from the inside of a damaged pipe. A new and sturdier line is created without digging it up.
  • Pipe Bursting – This process involves breaking the old, damaged line and leaving it in place. Then, contractors insert a new tube into the space left behind by the burst pipe.
  • Pipe Ramming – Pipe ramming creates a new line that is placed next to or near a damaged one. The old line is disconnected, and the new one takes its place.

Pipe Lining Repair Strategies

Since pipe relining is one of the most common methods used by plumbing companies, we’ll discuss their strategies.

  • Cured-In-Place (CIPP) – relining where a synthetic liner, mixed with resin compounds, is inserted into the damaged pipe.
  • Slip Lining – a method where a smaller, new pipe is inserted into the damaged one.
  • Fold And Form Relining – A liner is folded, inserted into a pipe, and then reformed to the interior wall of the old line with heat.
  • Spiral Wound Lining – Usually, municipal pipelines are composed of long continuous pipe lengths that are mechanically wound into place.

Why Choose NuFlow?

There are many reasons why NuFlow is the best pipe repair option available. In addition to being quick and minimally disruptive, NuFlow is an environmentally-friendly option that doesn’t require digging or excavating. That means no damage to your landscaping or hardscaping!

And because NuFlowdoesn’tt requires heavy equipment, it’s much quieter than traditional trenching methods. So, your neighbours will thank you. But what is it that makes NuFlow the best pipe repair option? What benefits does it have over traditional trenching methods? First, let’s discuss why more plumbing companies are turning to less invasive techniques like NuFlow.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Nuflow?

Works Plumbing has been family-owned and operated since 2000, so we’ve seen our fair share of pipe repair projects. However, we are interested in providing our customers with affordable and efficient plumbing services in the grand scheme. We understand homeowners must reduce wasteful spending while still getting the best possible service. Our staff is constantly reviewing our process and assessing our operating costs so that we always deliver the highest quality plumbing service at an affordable rate.

NuFlow helps us to do this while providing our customers with additional benefits. So, in our mind, NuFlow is by far the most reliable option when it comes to trenchless pipe repairs because of its versatility, but here are several of our favourites:

  • Durability – NuFlow creates a durable” pipe within a pip” that seals off the damaged pipe from the outside environment and is highly resistant to corrosion and other common problems.
  • NuFlow Is Much Safer – The technology eliminates workplace health and safety issues like collapses, people or children falling into open trenches, and more.
  • Allows Perfect Positioning – NuFlow can be used to replace or repair pipes that are difficult to access, allowing you to get the perfect positioning without having to move around heavy equipment, create new access points, and jobs can start from anywhere.
  • Multiple Formulas – NuFlow resin doesn’t just target residential piping systems. Over the years, the company has developed formulas for drains, waste systems, potable water, chillers, compressed air and gas systems, and industrial waste applications.
  • Installed By Professionals – NuFlowisn’tt just your average piping repair; it requires more technical expertise and experience to complete repairs correctly. As a result, companies must overcome a learning curve, but once they do, they are highly qualified to handle the job easily.
  • Continued Training – The company that manufactures and licenses NuFlow to contractors provides constant training to those in the plumbing industry. As a result, they have developed an effective system for building a solid pipe-lining professional.

Works Plumbing Can Offer Homeowners An Affordable Value

If you need pipe repairs or renewal, Nu Flow is the way to go. It’s quick, minimally disruptive, environmentally friendly, and requires no digging or excavating. At Works Plumbing, we have the expertise and experience to provide NuFlow services at an affordable cost.

With NuFlow, you can rest peacefully, knowing your pipes will be fixed quickly, effectively, and with no mess! Contact us today to learn more about how NuFlow helps your plumbing system! Type worksplumbing in your Google Search bar to get started. We’re always happy to answer questions!

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