Why Is PVC Wall Panels Better Than FRP?


We tested and compared two materials that may appear the same at a glance, but they are not for several reasons. I’ll share some observations when installing both the PVC and Fiber-reinforced Panels (FRP) wall panels.

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PVC Wall Panels

Quality of material is a primary consideration, a deciding factor in choosing any items for your home or even your workplace. By making sure you go with the item with outstanding quality, you are one step ahead in saving your dollars for buying other items required for installation, and at the same time, its maintenance and upkeep. Trusscore PVC panels NEVER absorb moisture, meaning it does not rot or mold in the surface. On the other hand, FRP requires an OSB, Drywall, or plywood as its backer. So even if FRP does not rot or mold in itself, it still prone to absorbing moisture. FRP wood backer absorbs moisture causing it to mold or rot.

Pvc Wall Panels Contractor

FRP installation needs an oriented strand board (OSB), a kind of engineered wood similar to particleboard, plywood, or drywall. PVC Wall Panels are made from ½ thick panels, making it a stand-alone; you don’t need any backer for it. Additionally, FRP would require adhesives like glue and other surface fasteners. Meaning, you would end up paying more by using FRP for your walls.

As much as possible, as owners, we want to save from labor costs, and you can only do that if you choose Duramax Trusscore PVC wall panels. You can even do it on your own with minimal assistance needed from your family members or colleagues. Fewer materials needed mean less cost and less effort needed.

Duramax Trusscore PVC Wall Panels

See what most contractors have to say here: https://vinylwallpanels.com/contractors-best-wall-panel-choice-of-2020-what-to-install-in-2021/.

BEST PANELING ADVISE: Go for Duramax Trusscore PVC Panels.

Want to get to know more about why PVC is better than FRP? https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/dpp-vs-frp/ Check this out on our site.

MyDecorative enlightened us about where to buy our PVC Wall Paneling. Check the article out https://mydecorative.com/is-it-worth-buying-pvc-wall-panels-in-big-box-stores/.

We followed what was suggested and it’s definitely the best choice. PVC Wall Panels from Duramax are definitely the best wall paneling choice. Their products are very affordable without sacrificing quality. It’s even better than any other option out there!

Vinyl Panels

Their staff has been very responsive to all our queries. You may reach out to them via landline at 323-471-0339 or talk to their live chat agents on their website. They also offer product samples and quotations for FREE!

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