Why It’s Important To Have Fire Extinguishers In Your Home


In reality, no one in the house thinks about the importance of having fire extinguishers. They always believe that no fire is going to happen that can change everybody’s lives forever. However, you must remember that being prepared with your fire extinguishers can reduce the potential costly fire damage in your home. In addition, these fire safety devices can make a huge difference in fighting small to deadly fires that may occur in your home.

Below are the important reasons why you should have fire extinguishers in your home:

Keep Fires From Growing Out Of Control

Fire Extinguisher In Kitchen

Because of the fire extinguishers’ chemical components, these portable devices are intended to control or eliminate fires by releasing a jet of gas, foam, water, and other materials. When used properly, they can help prevent flames from growing out of control and become extremely dangerous.

For this reason, it’s always smart to store fire extinguishers in your home if a fire breaks out and potentially damages your property. However, you should keep in mind that these devices come in four classes designed to put out a different type of fire. These are the following fire extinguisher classes you need to get familiar with:

  • Class A – This fire extinguisher can be used to control or extinguish fires coming from combustible materials such as paper and wood.
  • Class B – This fire extinguisher can be used to fight fires caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline, grease, and oil.
  • Class C – This fire extinguisher can be the best fire safety device for electrically triggered fires.
  • Class D – This fire extinguisher is intended for putting out fires caused by flammable metals.

Now that you know the different classes of fire extinguishers, the next step to take is to make sure you’ll find the right extinguisher for your risk. Luckily, there are multipurpose extinguishers labelled as A-B-C, which you can use for more than one type of fire. So instead of buying each class of extinguishers, you have it to keep fires under control in your home.

Help Save Lives

Depending on the cause of the fire, it can become a dangerous one, especially when it starts to spread around the surroundings. In such a case, placing fire extinguishers around your house is crucial as it can save lives. It’s also one of the design measures to take note of when keeping your home safe from fire. For instance, every floor of your dwelling place should have at least one device to ensure you always have the first line of defence in case a fire breaks out.

Below are the best places to keep a fire extinguisher in your home:

  • Kitchen – Since most kitchen activities involve using grease, it’s best to have an extinguisher in that area to ensure you can put out grease fires immediately. However, you should not place the device near the stove or other cooking equipment to avoid flames from reaching it. Despite the distance, make sure to put it in any kitchen area, provided you have easy access.
  • Near Potential Fire Hazards – Don’t forget to place fire extinguishers near the areas with sources of heat and electricity to prevent the spread of fire from coming from these areas quickly. These may include fireplaces, furnaces, and locations of multiple appliances, and electrical panels.
  • Bedroom – Keep at least one fire extinguisher in all your home’s bedrooms, including the children’s bedroom. Although fires don’t usually originate from these areas, it’s always safe to have a device nearby to protect your family’s lives during emergencies.

Help Protect The Environment

Fire Extinguisher In The House

Aside from its threat to lives and properties, the blaze coming from uncontrolled fires can harm the environment. If it’s not put out immediately, it can release carbon and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, damaging the environment in the long run.

Because of these circumstances, make sure you have extinguishers inside your house. Remember, the more you protect the environment from the fire blaze, the more you can give yourself and your family a safe and comfortable world to live in.


There can be various ways to protect your home from disasters like fire, and one of them is to have fire extinguishers around the house. With the information presented above, it’s clear that keeping these devices can be one of the best ways to control or stop a growing home fire before it can start getting out of control.

Lastly, having the proper extinguisher can’t adequately ensure your safety from fire. What’s important is that you should know how to operate them properly. That way, you can rest knowing that everything is under control in the event a fire disturbs the peace and serenity of your humble abode.

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  1. You made a good point that grease is quite a dangerous fire hazard for a kitchen. My mom is spending her retirement honing her cooking skills and she has been fond of trying out all sorts of fried chicken recipes lately. Perhaps buying a fire extinguisher for her kitchen wouldn’t be a bad idea just to make sure that it is as safe as possible.


  2. Thank you for sharing that it is crucial to place fire extinguishers around your house as it can save the lives of the occupants in case of a fire. My parents just moved to a new house last month and I am worried about their safety since the place is quite huge and there are only two of them living there. I will suggest them to get fire extinguishers and place them on every floor of the house. https://www.fire-foe.com/fire-extinguisher

  3. I like that you pointed out how being prepared with your fire extinguishers could reduce the potential costly fire damage in your home. I heard a minor fire incident happened in our neighborhood the other day which made me think about our own fire prevention measures. We should probably get some fire extinguishers, which is one of the easiest fire prevention measures to use.



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