Why Marble Counters Are Perfect In The Kitchen


Marble Counters

Kitchen counters have both functional and decorative roles to play in a kitchen. While kitchen counters are available in different materials, the marble counters remain the top and classic choice for many homeowners when it comes to selecting the right kitchen countertops for their dream kitchen.

However, some homeowners are afraid of them since they believe that marble counters are expensive or high maintenance. You might also be wondering if marble counters are really functional, and why they are a great timeless choice for people looking to spruce up the look and feel of their kitchen or if you should consider this natural stone for your kitchen counter. In this post, I will show you why marble counters are perfect in the kitchen, so you can feel much more confident if selecting this material for your kitchen counter appeals to you. Slab Market offers the biggest collection of marble counters as well as other natural stones counters that can help reinvigorate the look and feel of your home.

Marble Countertops Are Beautiful And Warm

Marble offers a unique, classic, elegant, and luxurious appearance; little wonder why these natural stones are still in heavy demand for countertops today. Adding marble counters to your kitchen will not only give your kitchen a premium look and feel, but their beauty will also add immense value to your overall home.

Marble counters go almost with all home’s interior décor and trends. They offer a timeless, luxurious appearance, lovely natural patterns, and brightness that you cannot get from other natural stones such as soapstone or granite. When you go for marble counters in your kitchen and manage them properly, you can be sure that they will still be as attractive and fascinating in a century as they are today.

With a wide variety of colors and designs, marble counters match with any color and design of kitchen cabinet you can imagine while allowing you to customize your countertops with a look that matches the rest of your kitchen interior décor for a more personalized touch. Also, the unassuming ‘whiteness’ of this natural stone will bring stunning and unmatched beauty to your kitchen and create a lasting impression, especially on your guests.

Marble Counters Creates Incredible Interest In Your Kitchen Space

As mentioned, marble counters offer a unique beauty and elegant appearance that can spruce up the look and feel of your kitchen. This will not only create a lasting impression on your guests but will also create amazing interest and love for your kitchen space. A kitchen with great looks will always make you feel excited about the kitchen space and enjoy cooking in it.

Marble Counters Are Durable

Despite the belief that marble counters require a higher level of maintenance than those made of granite, it doesn’t mean that they are fragile or not durable. For centuries, marble remains a reliable building material due to its combination of beauty and strength and is even still in vogue today. If marble was not strong and durable, wouldn’t you think this natural stone would have been rejected over the years as a viable option?

Marble counters are durable, resistant to cracks, and can withstand chips, breaking, and scratches. You can even reseal its surface to increase its lifespan and improve its resistance to stains. Although marble counters maybe slightly softer than granite or quartz counter, they are almost impossible to break by regular use. The only way to break them is to do so deliberately, which is even not going to be easy. That is why marble counters are one of the best choices for handling countertop traffic in a well-used kitchen.

Marble Counters Are A More Economical Option

Marble is one of the more economical options in solid surface counters. Carrara which is one of the most popular types of this unique natural stone is less expensive than quartz and many kinds of granite. Even the scarcer types of marble material used for countertops are cheaper than quartz. However, the cost of marble counters can vary depending on the type and thickness of the material you choose.


Marble is widely available; this is a more reason why it is a more economical option than other natural stones. And since it is a softer material to work on than quartz and granite, countertop companies normally have a large supply at hand. That means you can easily find one that suits your need and budget.

Marble Is Easier To Cut And Shape

Marble is easier to cut and shape than other natural stones and countertop options due to its softness. That means they can be easily cut and shaped to make fancier edges and designs profiles during its fabrication process with a lower risk of chipping and damage to the counter surface. With this, you can easily get a marble counter with fancy edges and designs that appeals to you and use it for different areas of your kitchen.

Marble Counters Are Good For Baking

Marble countertops are dense and naturally stay cool (usually at or below the room temperature). This provides a smooth and perfect working surface to cook on, especially for bakers to roll dough, and knead pie without sticking or work with pastries, chocolate, and ice-cream. That is why bakers prefer this natural stone for countertop over the rest.

They Are Heat Resistant

Marble counters are perfect in the kitchen due to their heat resistant properties. They will not melt, burn or catch fire, so you don’t have to worry about styling tools or hot pot and pans marring your kitchen appearance. However, you should avoid placing hot pans or items on your marble counters for an extended period and use a trivet to avoid damaging your countertop’s finish.

A beautiful home begins with the beauty and quality of the materials you use. So, if you are looking to remodel your home, focusing on areas that are highly functional with the biggest impact and impression (such as the interior design of your kitchen) is very important. Installing Mable counters in your kitchen is a practical way to add character, beauty, a timeless ambiance, and substantial value to your home.

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