Why Mastic Sealant Contractors Are A Must-Have


Why Mastic Sealant Contractors Are A Must-Have
A mastic sealant is a type of liquid sealant that cures in an elastic state, thus, making it flexible whilst keeping the bond of the surfaces that is attached together.

It also adheres to just about any kind material, making it an all around type of sealant. The most common types that it works particularly well with includes: wood, glass, aluminum, marble, steel, concrete, and even on duct board.

It can also be used in projects at home, including filling in cracks in various types of masonry and sealing the area around bathtubs. Mastic sealant also often is applied to roofing, brick structures, and many other home renovation projects.

So many applications come under the category of mastic joint sealing, waterproofing and fire-stopping and various materials are used for each. Contractors usually do a brief site visit to set up and determine the most appropriate procedure and time-frame required for the work.

Most mastic sealant contractors (it may vary) offer services which includes:


– Roofing

– Roadways

– Floor joints – perimeter sealing

– Remedial works (in between old and new brickwork, wood, concrete slabs, asphalt, plastic)

– Expansion joints (in between old and new brickwork, wood, concrete slabs, asphalt, plastic)

– Swimming pools (around the edges of the pool, underwater lights, tiling inside & out, etc)


– Bathrooms

– Kitchens (splashbacks, worktops)

– Cold rooms (refrigeration units, food storage)

– General waterproofing and sealing (fitted storage, skirting, frames, etc)

– Food safe applications (restaurant kitchens, supermarkets,)

– Glazing applications (frames, glass to glass joints, bomb blast, blocks, partitions)

Using an excellent type of mastic sealant is the best precaution available when it comes to preventing water or moisture intrusion in any property. That is why you need skilled mastic sealant contractors to do this job precisely.

Contact one now to ensure the safety of your home and any other property!


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