Why New Windows Will Add To Your Home’s Aesthetic


When considering where to begin upgrading your home design, windows may not make the top of your list, but maybe they should. There are several advantages including improving the way your home looks and the value you can add with new glass or full replacements. Plus, how you feel when you drive up to an updated, organized home design plays a big part in the decision to buy new windows.

Cohesive Design

Cohesive Design

Old windows tend to sag and warp with age. Your home will begin to look outdated when this change happens. No one enjoys coming home to bowing windows because they make the house look sad and dated. The aging will cost you value and make your home look like the worst one on the block if your neighbors have newer windows.

Fresh Look And Energy Savings

Fresh Look And Energy Savings

A new design will add appeal. Did you know new windows can save money on your energy bills? Angie’s List says you can expect to pay as much as 25 percent more for your utility fees when you have inefficient windows. Besides saving money, new windows will look better on colder mornings with no condensation to build up between window panes. Overall, new replacements are not as foggy and hard to see through as older versions.

Clean Lines

Window Design

To create a stunning new look and make your house feel whole, you can add new windows, doors, siding, or paint the house with an appealing palette of colors. Replacement windows increase this appeal by accentuating the house. New colors and intricate window designs like you might see in a bay window can help you create a gorgeous face for your house.

Added Value Makes Your Home Feel Better

Value Added Window Design

Money says to get the best aesthetic appeal to opt for a total replacement around $5,000 or more because of the available options. For example, some windows have blinds in the middle of the panes, so you never have to dust blinds again. Others feature vertical models that allow more natural light into the home. Triple-pane windows ensure your house is nice and comfortable and saves you the most money on your energy bills. New windows will cut down any drafts you feel during the colder months.

When you go shopping for replacement windows, check out the R-rating to ensure you get an energy-efficient model. Opting for medium to higher end windows gives you more flexibility in the design. If your existing frames are in excellent shape, then you can go for new panes to save a little money on the overhead cost.

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