Why Proper Tree Maintenance Can Increase The Value Of Your Home


Tree Maintenance

When purchasing a property, nobody wants to move in and then have the mammoth task of doing lots of jobs before moving into it, unless that is, of course, you are taking the house on as a project. The garden is one of the key points of the property that people look at before purchasing a home. If the garden needs too much work in making it safe or accessible to use, then it is enough to ring alarm bells resulting in you not purchasing it.

Gardens can be a money pit if they do not have anything done in them already; although some people like working with a blank canvas, some people do not. They may have small children or no extra time to be involved in getting such a big project done. If a property has trees in the garden, the first thing you will do presuming they are overgrown is to get a tree surgery quote. This may be able to be done before you move in.

When A Tree Is In The Correct Position, It Can Block Outsiders From Looking In

Houses have certain aspects that make them sell and other things that add value to the property, and good tree maintenance is one of the things that can add value to a property for a variety of reasons. Security is one of the things that a tree can protect your home from unwanted attention. Having trees in your garden, front, or back can stop prying eyes from seeing what is in your home.

Trees, in general, give your property a good degree of privacy from either neighbors or passers-by, especially if your home is next to a public footpath. It can make it more difficult for someone to access the property if it blocks the access route.

The Benefits Of Having Trees In The Garden

Planting trees in your garden and keeping them at a good standard of maintenance will also help your garden with drainage. Helping the soil in your garden with nutrients and helping with weather conditions, for instance, blocking hard winter winds, and providing a good amount of shade in the summer. This can help with other plants, flowers, and also wildlife. As tree roots absorb lots of water, this will help your lawn not to get flooded by excess water, allowing any heavy rain to be used.

When you have your garden landscaped to a good standard, this can automatically be a selling point. With no added work for a potential buyer to do other than keeping it maintained. That is why when you are looking to sell your home; it is paramount that you keep your garden as tidy and as well maintained as possible to show it in all its glory.

Some Trees Are Expensive To Purchase

Some types of trees are worth lots of money, so making sure they stay at a good level of care will ensure they do not die. Removing dead trees can be an expensive task, and depending on how big the tree and its roots are will depend on how big the job to remove it will also be.

Some trees are endangered and protected. The ones that will have strict rules that you need to follow when taking care of them, trees, you will need to follow protocols and guidelines when having them trimmed. You will not be allowed to do this yourself, so hiring professionals with the correct knowledge will be your only option, as you are likely to need written permission before you do so.

Getting Good Advice With Landscaping

The times that having trees in your garden won’t help is when they have been planted either too close together or near the house or patios. That’s why hiring a good landscaper and maybe paying a little bit extra for their experience and knowledge will be better than hiring someone who is cheaper but does not know what they are doing.

Going online and getting recommendations when looking to spruce up your garden will allow you to speak to garden enthusiasts; they can help with other areas in your garden, like help on shed purchases or the best way to protect the fish in your pond from predators. Getting the garden you want can take some time but making it the best workable garden and more of a neutral space can add value to the property when it comes to resale.


Your garden is just as important as your home; you would never rush out to buy the first kitchen that you see, try not to do the same when choosing how your garden is landscaped. Remembering to get good professional help is the difference between increasing or decreasing the value of your property.

Look at the neighborhood you are in, take notice of how the other people in your neighborhood have styled their gardens. Look at the effort they put in and how it has an effect on the area in general, you never know; they may even be very willing to give you an extra pair of hands if you ask nicely!

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