Why Should You Build Your Roof With Tesla’s Solar Roof Technology?


Tesla’s Solar Roof Technology

When it comes to innovation, the only company that comes on top of our mind is Tesla. While the world is still exploring the benefits of AI and deep learning, Tesla has already used these cutting-edge technologies in their new products. We know Tesla as a car maker company, the good news is that the company is expanding its horizon and focussing on energy and environmentally friendly innovations. The Tesla Solar Roof technology is the recent talk of the town that promises to transform the way energy is produced and consumed. When a product comes from Tesla, it must be great. The Tesla Solar Roofs are a perfect rooftop solution that contains solar cells used to absorb solar energy and convert them into electricity. Additionally, the solar roof helps snowmelt and slide off the roof easily and quickly.

Replace your traditional roof with the innovative Tesla Solar Roof. The Solar Roof is made of tempered glass with a powerful battery capacity. It can auto clear your roof from snow and keep your home high on energy.

According to Elon Musk, the solar tiles can generate twice the density of power compared to the previous version. What makes this technology popular is the pricing; solar roofs are more economical than solar panels.

This ground-breaking photovoltaic product is indeed a work of art. It not only will dynamically change the solar industry but also prove to be a savior for those who struggle to clear their roofs from the snow. The technology can self-clear snow and produce electricity, even in the wintertime.

  • What Are These Solar Roofs?

These solar roofs are tiles; installed on your existing roofs through the racking system. In a way, they become your roof itself. If you are constructing your home, you must consider this option.

  • How Much Power Can These Solar Panels Generate?

As per the recent report on Tesla’s website, if you are looking at installing a 10KW solar roof, then you require an area of around 200 sq. ft. The installation cost with be approximately $ 15 to $ 18 per sq. ft. The total power generation will be 5watts per sq. Ft.

  • What Is The Lifespan Of The Solar Panels?

The lifespan of these solar tiles is like the PV modules. You can expect a service life of 30 years. However, in the long run, solar roofs will deliver better returns.

What Are The Advantages Of The Tesla Solar Roof?

  1. Auto-Clears Snow From The Roofs

The Tesla solar roofs can melt the snow accumulated on the roofs and simultaneously generate electricity, even in the winter season. Earlier, people had the misconception that solar power systems can only produce energy during sunny days; however, Tesla’s solar glass roofs have proved them wrong. These systems also work during less sunny and cloudy days. Let’s understand how it works.

The solar panels produce heat that can quickly melt the snow on the rooftop and allow it to slide off. The solar tiles drain down the snow from the roof by creating a water layer that facilitates gravity after a heavy snowstorm. Unlike solar panels, the Solar tiles cover the entire roof; thus, producing a heat grid throughout the rooftop by allowing the snow to melt quickly. Additionally, when the rooftop is free of snow, the solar panels continue to generate energy consistently.

  1. Provides Strength And Durability

With a warranty period of 25 years, the solar roofs are five times stronger and durable than traditional PV roofs. Additionally, the Solar-roofs are maintenance-free. If you are building a new room, we recommend you install solar on metal roofs. These solar tiles can withstand cyclonic winds and keep your home protected in all weather conditions.

  1. Aesthetically Designed

Usually, when we talk about solar panels, we hardly consider the design aspect; the only thing that matters is the utility factor. However, we cannot imagine a Tesla invention without style. The solar roofs are available in various designs like Textured, Smooth, Tuscan, and slate-styled solar roof tiles. These tiles imitate the traditional roof styling, which makes your home aesthetic yet high on energy.

  1. Easy On Maintenance

If you are looking for a roof that does not require frequent cleaning, this is the best option. These solar tiles are placed without any gaps. Thus, the chances of dust or debris getting stuck in the system are negligible.

  1. Powerful Battery Storage

The Solar roof tiles possess a powerful battery storage system. The batteries can accumulate the appropriate energy level that can last throughout the night.

The Bottom Line:

Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are the perfect solution for all homes in heavy snowfall zones. It is the ideal option for those who want energy and beauty for their rooftop. So, get rid of snow from your roof and harness solar energy, throughout the year, with the tesla range of designer solar glass roofs.

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