Why Should You Install Frameless Shower Screens In Your Bathroom?


These days all of you would want to make your house the best looking one. But when you get started with the renovation process, one room which is generally neglected is the bathroom. You might feel that bathrooms do not have much use, but then this is not true at all. This is one place that can offer you absolute relaxation and comfort when you are back home after a tiring day. Thus, it is essential that you also select the best fittings and vanities to make this place even more exciting and decorative. With all the innovations coming up, you can now choose to opt for frameless shower screens in your bathroom.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens

Modern Marble Bathroom

If you have planned a budget and want to make sure that you only invest in the best, then such screens can be the right choice for you. This will add to the aesthetics and also the functionality of the bathroom. You can make this place look fashionable for years to come with these durable fittings and investments. Once you get these installed, you will also get too many benefits for the same. Mentioned below are some of these benefits which you can have a closer look at.

Easy Maintenance

Install Best Frameless Shower Screens

Firstly, these frameless shower screens are easy to clean and maintain. As compared to the previous frame styles, which were available, these types of display are easy to clean and is also less time-consuming. These will not build up stains of different kinds like that of aluminum or others, and therefore, it will be easy for you to clean up. Just a simple wipe down with a wet rug and some dishwasher will make it clean and clear like a new one.

Installations Made Easy

3D Modeling and Rendering of A Bathroom

Secondly, you can be assured of easy installations after you purchase these frameless shower screens. When you look at the practical matters, the installation of these glasses will be at first on the list. Sometimes you might want to do it all by yourself. But know that this will not be easy. Hiring services of a professional will make installations easy. This is mainly because they have all the needed tools, equipment, and knowledge to do it properly.

Gives a Brighter and Bigger Look

Other than this, the frameless shower screens can also make your bathroom look bigger and brighter than it is. As this glass shower screen allows your eye to travel all through the bathroom, you can have a feeling of a more significant area. You can look form the floor to the ceiling and feel comfortable without any illusions or curtains, which tend to break your view. Brightness will also be controlled with the help of these screens installed rightly. Even if you happen to have a tiny window in the bathroom, if the light reflects on the screen, it can light up the entire space.

Never Go Outdated

You can be assured that the frameless shower screens will never go out of style. A clear glass generally won’t go out of date, and therefore, installing them would be a good idea. These frame screens will have inherent benefits that can be enjoyed for over long years to come. You can keep the designs simple because these glasses in itself are an excellent design for the bathroom.


Lastly, you should know that these frameless shower screens are also hygienically better for you and your family members. Hygiene issues will also have to be catered to when it comes to spaces like the bathroom. Glass is not at all a germ magnet, and therefore, you can be assured of staying away from infections and allergies. Sanitizing it every time after the bath will not be essential. You can clean it every day or in a couple of days and be sure of hygiene.

There are also too many other benefits that you can get when you install the best frameless shower screens.

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  1. You made a good point that a frameless shower screen can never go out of style because they are very simple and easy to pair with almost any aesthetic theme. I’m planning to get rid of my bathtub in favor of a shower for my next bathroom renovation. Getting a frameless shower screen would fit right in with the pearly white color scheme of my bathroom.


  2. Thanks for listing down the reasons why I should opt for frameless shower screens. My sister-in-law will be doing a bathroom remodeling project this July, and it’s good that I’ve read your piece on shower screens so I can help her. Aside from it is easy to install and maintain, I like that the frameless type creates an illusion of bigger and brighter bathroom space. Perhaps, I shall then also suggest installing a skylight for natural lighting in the entire room. https://inglassdesign.com.au/glass/shower-screens/

  3. I had no idea that investing in frameless shower screens gives your bathroom sanitizing protection from unwanted microbes and bacteria. My friend has been interested in upgrading his bathroom lately. I’ll probably discuss this idea with him so we can find a glass company that can install a shower enclosure and then add these screens. https://www.econoglassky.com/custom-shower-doors


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