Why Solar Hot Water Systems Are Perfect For Australian Homes


Solar Hot Water Systems

Have you heard about solar hot water systems and been thinking about installing one? These are an excellent option for Australian homes for a variety of reasons. Instead of using electricity to heat your water, solar energy comes from the sun and innovatively heats the water.

Why Consider Solar Hot Water Systems

One of the top reasons to consider this kind of water system is because traditional water heating makes a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. It is used for about 21% of energy needs but produces 25% of the emissions. About 50% of Australian homes choose to use electric water systems, which make 80% of those emissions.

Solar hot water systems are more efficient and can help meet local, state, and territory government regulations.

But There Are Many Other Benefits To Be Aware Of:

  • Solar heaters save you money by offering free energy. Using this system can create a 50% reduction in electricity use for water heating. If you live somewhere that gets a large amount of sun, it could have up to a 90% decrease in the electricity you need for this purpose.
  • Heating the water in your home using the sun is much more efficient than converting the sunlight into energy that is later used to heat water. When you choose this kind of system, you can heat your water in a single step.
  • If you choose panels to go with the solar hot water systems, it takes up less space than a traditional solar panel. Most homes will only need one to three panels to power the hot water system. If you don’t want to cover the roof in panels, this system could be a great choice.

If you are thinking about solar hot water systems, consider a provider like Service Today who can answer all your questions. Then, you can learn more and decide if this is the right solution for your home.

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