Why The Scandinavian Kitchen Design Is Becoming Popular In The US


The Scandinavian interior design exudes simplicity and functionality. You might see many Scandinavian-inspired homes in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. As of late, this home interior design is starting to gain popularity in the US.

Below Are Six Reasons Why:

  1. Efficiency And Cleanliness

Gorgeous 2020 Kitchen Trends

Efficiency in movement is an essential trait that kitchens should possess. Pots, pans, appliances, and other kitchen tools and utensils should be in places that allow for minimal yet efficient movement.

A Scandinavian kitchen design helps promote efficiency and cleanliness in a simple yet straightforward approach. Kitchen design elements that draw inspiration from décor ideas in Scandinavian houses help create unique aesthetics that provide style coupled with functional movement.

As a bonus, homeowners may also find the uncluttered environment to be quite calming.

  1. More Natural Light

Scandinavian Kitchen Lighting

Many Scandinavian-inspired homes have large openings to allow maximum use of natural light. Letting more natural light enter your humble abode presents you with additional benefits, like bringing energy costs down.

  1. Eco-Friendly Atmosphere

Eco Friendly Kitchen Atmosphere

The recent clamour for more green-friendly homes has also made Scandinavian kitchen designs popular in the US. To achieve this, renovate your kitchen by installing windows with large openings. If you need to sacrifice space for the large windows, consider installing kitchen cabinets and drawers offering space-saving features.

You can also complement the addition of natural light into the room with bright hues coming from other kitchen components. For example, opt to repaint your kitchen walls with neutral tones like cream, forest green, white, or pale blue.

Many Scandinavian homeowners pride themselves in building environment-friendly houses. Bring those eco-friendly traits to your kitchen by using organic or natural-inspired décor.

For example, minimise the use of synthetic materials for your kitchen countertop and island. Also, consider avoiding single-use plastic materials to help save the environment and to maintain your eco-friendly standing with your home.

  1. Wooden Accents Are In Vogue

Wooden Accents

Various home design ideas incorporate wood because of its durability and organic aesthetic beauty. Several Scandinavian homes like to include wooden accents in different areas to help juxtapose with harder, denser building materials. As many American homes are following the eco-friendly trend, many homeowners are then more inclined to incorporate more nature-inspired accents in their households.

Aim to include wooden elements like slats and flooring in your kitchen to help improve the room’s Scandinavian appearance. Also, consider keeping the light aesthetic of Scandinavian design by installing bright-coloured wooden accents in your kitchen. So, your options are woods like ash, beech, and pine, to name a few.

  1. Encourages Minimalism

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalist designs are taking over US homes. The freedom to move around the house, thanks to the added focus on quality as opposed to quantity of appliances and furniture, brings peace to the minds of household members.

On that note, think of investing in high-quality kitchen components instead of buying more things that would otherwise make the room cluttered.

Invest in high-quality Scandinavian-inspired kitchen furniture like cabinets, dividers, and tables. But don’t fret if you think you’re going to sacrifice style by going the minimal design approach. These high-quality pieces of furniture and kitchen décor should complement well with other design elements in the room.

However, if you find it challenging to design a Scandinavian kitchen layout, you can always call the experts. Professional interior design can help you with your kitchen décor woes.

  1. Built-In Storage Options

Scandinavian Kitchen Tiles

Many American homeowners are looking into the idea of installing smart kitchen storage options. The idea of keeping things “out of sight and out of mind” helps create more room for equipment that matters most. Opt to bring the Scandinavian look to your kitchen by incorporating a minimalist aesthetic to the room’s storage options.

Consider installing built-in storage like cabinets and drawers to offer a streamlined appearance or get multipurpose furniture from Stephanie Cohen Home furniture store for both storage and aesthetics. Also, paint your kitchen cabinets and drawers with the same colour as the walls. That way, these storage options appear to recede and blend with the wall. This design choice offers an illusion to give you a feeling of looking at a larger room.

As a bonus, you can keep unused kitchen paraphernalia out of sight when they’re not needed. Thus, you can keep clutter to a minimum if you choose this storage option.


Efficiency, cleanliness, and eco-friendliness—these are a few of the many traits you can bring to your US kitchen with Scandinavian home design. Renovate your kitchen to create a minimalist atmosphere while bringing in more natural light inspired by Scandinavian decor. With the right design choice, your kitchen can indeed be a place of comfort for all household members and guests.

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